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Weekend Linkend

I transferred the site over to a VPS this past weekend, learning fun things like Linux and Apache and how to rebuild Apache. Most major issues look fine, just one or two smaller things to clean up. Which means I’ll have time to write more posts and try to make up for all the traffic lost during the multiple times the site was suspended for using too many resources!

While all that was happening, movie news was still raining from Heaven. Dang it, world, still going on while I’m busy! What a jerk… So let’s look at some!

**DurianDave at Softfilm had a song mix on Zoë Baxter’s Lucky Cat radio show, and he did a song-by-song breakdown of all his choices.

**Production storyboards from 15 classic flicks

**The coolest lawsuit of 2012 has happened thanks to some nutter from Belize who claims that some Americans stole a crystal skull from Mayan ruins 88 years ago, and since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had a crystal skull in it, it was an unauthorized use of the likeness. Is he asking for a bunch of money from Indiana Jones’ new owner, Disney? You bet! Is his attorney a bankruptcy attorney from Illinois? Of course! Should this lawsuit be thrown out so hard it breaks the sound barrier? Damn skippy!

Just wait until Westinghouse hears about the fridge in the film!

**A story about Captain America that is cool

**Robert Zemeckis was doing the press rounds because of Flight and said that the Roger Rabbit 2 script is written and they are just waiting for Disney to get around to financing it. It would be hand drawn and set in the past like the original, the only difference is it will be 3D.

**Tron 3 has gotten a writer and is going forward (probably due to Wreck-It Ralph making so much dough!) despite the second one being terrible and no one at all caring. When this gets close to release, it’s time to short Disney stock again…

**Speaking of Disney losing money, they’re also planning to do a Don Quixote flick with Johnny Depp, but it doesn’t look like it’s the famous The Man Who Killed Don Quixote film that Terry Gilliam was making at one point with Depp when everything fell apart as shown in the documentary Lost in La Mancha.

**Ready Player One‘s author Ernie Cline is writing a new book called Armada and it’s already optioned for a film at Universal. All we know is:

the ultimate wish fulfillment to every videogame fan on the planet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s The Last Starfighter except with more gamer callbacks.

**Lifetime and Jennifer Love Hewitt are bringing us Mrs. G’s Bigger Love, which is based on a few fantasy posts at the blog Derfwad Manor. The posts are a gender-reversal of Big Love, where the character Gatticio is a female polygamist married to Hollywood hunks like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Ben Affleck. You can read some of the entries via this link near the bottom. It took me a minute to figure out that this was just a few posts being optioned and not the blog itself, which is a middle age woman blog and outside the scope of a blog I would read at all. The gender reversal and fantasy aspects should do well on Lifetime, and hopefully we get some cool internet freak out action once the rest of the world catches wind of Mrs. G’s Bigger Love.

**Kevin Smith basically announced he’s doing Clerks 3 via Twitter. That’s all we know at this point.

**Can’t Stop the Movies meets Dodes’ka-den!

**It’s a CRIMEWAVE! at TheCulturalGutter!

**FourDK goes to the isle of Iodo!

**Exploderbutton presses The Rains of Ranchipur and Bonjour Tristesse!

**NinjaDixon must take some Executive Action!

**The Deadly Doll meets the Junkyard Dog!

**Monster Island Resort chats about gore!

**Here is a Hungarian Star Wars poster from 1977
Hungarian Star Wars

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For a Good Time, Call…

For a Good Time, Call…

Written by Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon
Directed by Jamie Travis

Ladies, that’s not how phone sex works! Nevermind…

People have finally figured out women can be funny. And by people, I mean Hollywood executives who bankroll films. In the wake of Bridesmaids showing female centric comedy written by and starring women could be both entertaining and profitable, we’ve begun to see a slow trickle of other female driven raunchy humor on the big screen. For a Good Time, Call… features a duo of ladies who run a phone sex line. They also have their own personal and relationship problems along the way, because we can only have so many scenes in a row of women moaning on the phone to guys jerking it. But there is plenty of that, and it’s hilarious.

Let me tell you about wearing pants that go up to your armpit!

Lauren Powell (Lauren Miller) – A boring, shy, and nebbish literary editor whose life is in disarray. But her organizational skills and constant life planning come in handy when a new business venture is undertaken. Lauren Miller cowrote the film along with Katie Anne Naylon, and before this was probably best known as the lady Seth Rogen keeps bringing to premiers. And as the owner of The Legend of Zelda Miller-Rogen, the very famous dog.
Katie Steele (Ari Graynor) – A working class girl who needs to save her grandmother’s apartment before it’s taken over by someone who can afford it. Works a whole host of jobs but ends just won’t get met, unless she goes into business on her own.
Jesse (Justin Long) – The gay friend of both the girls and person who pushes them together despite the mutual loathing. Despite the constant distribution of flyers, we never see Jesse’s comedy show. A shame. I demand more comedy show!
Just gonna Skype into the next Infernal Brains recording session…

Read more…

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Is the Clerks cartoon returning in unknown form?

Maybe! Kevin Smith himself said via Twitter that Miramax 2.0 and him are looking to bring Clerks: the Animated Series back in a format not mentioned in the 140 characters used to tweet.

“Via @Just_Reboot ‘Clerks cartoon was brilliant, I rewatch it bi-monthly’ @Miramax 2.0 and I are hoping to give you new eps weekly next year.”

This is more than we could have hoped for! By now everyone knows that the cartoon had 6 episodes, only 2 aired, out of order, and the whole thing got dumped until it hit DVD and suddenly was awesomely popular. Then the Clerks: Sell Out animated film tempted us with rumors of it maybe reaching production at some point, but nothing doing, the Weinsteins and Disney had a huge falling out, and everything went crappy.

But now that Miramax is not owned by Disney, times are a’changing, and Clerks are a’clerking! I can tell you this: No matter what format this comes out in, I will watch new episodes of Clerks: the Animated Series, even if it sucks as bad as the Spaceballs cartoon did. I may not like some of Smith’s later works, but the Clerks films are awesome and the cartoon was genius. I hope they use some of the mentioned plots during the commentaries.

via GeeksofDoom

Bear is driving

How can this be?

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