Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (Review)

Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy

aka SharkMan

Directed by Michael Oblowitz

SciFi Channel is a breeding ground for ridiculous creature features like the swamp spawns mosquitoes. Some mosquitoes just eat nectar, some make you itch, and a few give you malaria. We are in nectar territory here. It is not perfect, it has many plot points that are ludicrous, but the entire production is saved by Jeffrey Combs. He is allowed to overact to his heart’s content, and turns a semi-boring picture about a shark man into something you can mention as among SciFi Channel’s better offerings for the year 2005. Produced by the illustrious Nu Image Films, who have given us Gryphon, Raging Sharks, and Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, Nu Image originally sold a block of films at the same time involving animal/man hybrids, except the block of films eventually dissolved and went their separate ways. The others include Mansquito (later released as Mosquitoman on DVD), Morphman which became the surprisingly not terrible Larva, and Snakeman (aka The Snake King) which I haven’t seen. Nu Image has done blocks of related films before, notably their Nature Unleashed and American Heroes series. It allows them to bulk sell films, which equals cash. Usually few of the films are memorable, but in this case we grabbed on to something to tell the grandkids about.

As stated above, the winning formula in this movie is ridiculous monster+Jeffrey Combs. Jeffrey Combs is familiar to every B movie fan because odds are they have seen several dozen movies he has been in. He was also a regular on Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Enterprise in addition to guest shots on many other genre shows. In every performance, Combs consistently delivers. He can range from excellent to eccentric to over the top wacky, and his name on a movie automatically bumps it up a few ratings points. The SharkMan is a guy running around in a shark suit. Seriously. And we get perilously close to shark/human sex. I am not making that up. Sadly, things don’t go as planned. But we do find out you can cure cancer by being turned into a shark. It’s one of those natural cures “they” don’t want you to know about. None of the good parts of the film can be blamed on the director Michael Oblowitz, the only winning efforts were the special effects guys and Jeffrey Combs. The rest of the film flops around like a fish on a boat, but SharkMan or Jeffrey keep popping up to throw the fish back in the ocean.

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Alone in the Dark (Review)

Alone in the Dark

Christian Slater as Edward Carnby
Tara Reid as Aline Cedrac
Stephen Dorff as Commander Richards
Frank C. Turner as Fischer
Directed by Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll.

That’s pretty much all that needs to be said. Dr. Uwe Boll.

What can be said about this film that hasn’t already been said? Dr. Uwe Boll, the heir to the mantels of Ed Wood and Coleman Francis, returns again, armed with European funding, another video game franchise, and bad CGI. Dr. Uwe Boll cannot be stopped, there are at least four more video game movies from him headed down the pipeline. If there is one thing Dr. Uwe Boll is good at doing, it’s getting money from European guys. Now, he should put that talent to work in some area other than movies, because he has some sort of unnatural ability to get money despite the numerous evidence of him throwing said money into a gaping black hole of ruin never to be seen again. Dr. Uwe Boll will eventually deplete the entire economy of Europe and leave them all destitute and a starving Third World mess, while inflecting upon the rest of the world dozens of lackluster movies with random CGI and Matrix-shots that are all named after video games they have nothing in common with. So before Galaga the Movie is made featuring zombies or Dig Dug the Movie involving zombies, we must first strike a blow to the box office receipts and keep his features from reaching theaters, for the good of the world. This time, now, is the time that generations from now people will look back upon and judge us for how we stood against Dr. Uwe Boll. Will we stop him and his master plan, or will our descendants look back at us with hate and anger, in between starving to death and being forced to watch Zaxxon the Movie, featuring zombies? The power lays in your hands.

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