Deadly Lessons teaches college fling terror on Lifetime!

Deadle Lessons Lifetime

Oh my God, can you believe Becky married her professor and didn’t get a deadly lesson? How shameful!

After you are done being all infidel, it’s time for Lifetime to get even more dangerous and more educational with Deadly Lessons! It’s so Lifetime it hurts, with an evil man being totally evil! Shockingly, a girl quitting school and marrying a shady older mystery professor turns out to be a bad idea when he goes all murder on her! Whoops! Hope she didn’t fail her self-defense class! If women didn’t marry creepy older guys with shady pasts, we wouldn’t have so many Lifetime movies!

Romanced by a charismatic professor, a college girl quits school to run away with and marry him. While her mother tries to convince her to come home, she slowly learns that he is a controlling husband with a shady past… and soon realizes that if she were to leave him he would kill her.

The important thing is Deadly Lessons is directed by David DeCoteau! Yes, A Talking Cat!?! David DeCoteau! Huzzah! It’s written by Eve Holdway and Taj Nagaoka, and is the only credit for either of them. Deadly Lessons stars Christie Burson (Dirty Little Trick), Sammi Barber (The Haunted House on Kirby Road), Ryan Scott Greene (Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy), James Dean (Witness Protection ), Cedric De Souza (Holiday in Handcuffs), and Katherine Slingsby (Bridal Wave)

Deadly Lessons premieres Saturday, February 25th on Lifetime!

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The Wrong Child steps up to Lifetime!

It seems like every week some long lost missing child returns to a family and destroys it. Well, every week on Lifetime, that is! The Wrong Child continues this wonderful tradition, but gives us Vivica A. Fox and Gary Daniels as the couple who get an unexpected bonus kid out for revenge! At least this time they aren’t also being murdered by the internet, so it’s only family drama.

Wealthy in her own right, Renee is happily married to the apparently successful architect Charles until Andrew, who claims to be Charles’ son, shows up on their doorstep. Charles seems suspicious of the teen, but Renee and her daughter are ready to welcome him with open arms — until they both realize that Andrew is a sociopath with an old grudge and a penchant for murder.

The Wrong Child stars Vivica A. Fox, Gary Daniels, Robbie Davidson, Stevana Jackson, Tracy Nelson, Helene Udy, and Alissa Latow. It’s written by Matthew Jason Walsh (The Wrong Roommate, Petticoat Planet) and directed by David DeCoteau! Yes, that David DeCoteau! The A Talking Cat!?! David DeCoteau!

Weirdly, there is no trailer nor stills to be easily found, so enjoy the film poster.

The Wrong Child premieres Sunday, July 26th on Lifetime!

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The Wrong Child Lifetime

Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper – from the mind of David DeCoteau!

What happened to DB Cooper? Besides being Jimmy James in NewsRadio and exposed on Leverage, White Collar, and Prison Break, no one knows who he really was. But now we’ll know who he really is, he’s a guy who fought Bigfoot!

In Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper, Linnea Quigley plays a flight attendant, and Eric Roberts is the older DB Cooper. Stunt actor Nils Allen Stewart plays the mythological Bigfoot, who turns out to be less of a myth than suspected. Or maybe DB Cooper is now more of a myth than suspected, and will soon battle Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan.

David DeCoteau will direct Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper in between making a bunch of films with “666” in the title and 90210 Shark Attack. It must be all that A Talking Cat!?! money!

The poster was put on David’s blog. No other information is available besides the brief imdb listing with some of the cast. But the title alone will draw in a lot of viewers because both names are popular enough people will be like “Let’s check this out!” Here’s hoping Bigfoot steals the money and uses it to live large.

Bigfoot vs DB Cooper

90210 Shark Attack chomps zip codes for fun!

Hide your Peach Pits, because the sharks are coming to the most famous zip code in America, and they’re hungry! The amazing director of A Talking Cat!?! and the 1313 series (or for us old school fans, Beach Babes from Beyond and Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000!) David DeCoteau is bring us 90210 Shark Attack, and it features a bunch of people like Nikkie BreAnne Wells, Donna Wilkes, Rachel Rosenstein, Stephanie Shemanski, Jeffrey Decker, Braden Bacha, and Judson Birza. I can’t help but notice none of those names are Beverly Hills 90210 cast members. Seriously, why isn’t Gabrielle Carteris on board? She could still be playing a high schooler, because why not?

90210 Shark Attack is scheduled for an October 2014 release. Until then, we just have to enjoy this cool poster, and hope DeCoteau brings his A-game.

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90210 Shark Attack