Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge is a triple dose of Eric Roberts Lifetime awesomeness!

Stalked by my Doctor patient's revenge lifetime
[adrotate banner=”7″]The gross doctor who loves his patients just a little (okay, a lot!) too much is back again, and this time so is his original victim, Sophie Green! Yep, Eric Roberts returns in one of his most awesome, scenery chewing roles, and Brianna Chomer is back as well, now in goth form! Dr. Beck is now a college teacher and taking full advantage of how screwed up the sexual harassment problems are at our universities. This being Lifetime and the third entry in an amazing franchise, this will be full of the awesome stuff we’ve come to expect! Doug Campbell returns to write and direct. While we’ve been too busy to review the second film, we do have a look at the original Stalked by My Doctor, and be sure to check out Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge on Lifetime, June 10th!

After a jury finds him not guilty of the kidnapping and attempted murder of a former patient, the mentally disturbed Dr. Albert Beck vows to rehabilitate himself. When he lands a teaching job at a prestigious Arizona medical school, he immediately develops a crush on a new student, Melissa, and struggles to keep his growing obsession from taking control of his life. Meanwhile, Dr. Beck’s former patient and victim, Sophie Green is still furious at losing her court case against him and decides to enroll in the medical school where he is teaching — so she can mete out her own form of personal justice. Eric Roberts, Anna Marie Dobbins, Rico Simonini, and Brianna Chomer star.

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Stalked By My Doctor (Review)

Stalked By My Doctor

Stalked by my Doctor Lifetime
Written and directed by Doug Campbell
Stalked by my Doctor Lifetime
The last Lifetime Original Movie of 2015 turned out to be one of the best! Stalked By My Doctor takes the standard creepy stalker narrative and gives us Eric Roberts as the stalk doc, and he knocks it out of the freaking park! Sometimes Roberts is wasted by directors who don’t know what to do with him, but the man loves to work and he is fantastic at playing unhinged characters, and delivers a performance to remember as Dr. Albert Beck. Dr. Beck is one of the most talented and famous heart surgeons in the world, but he can’t get women to give him a second date. Or even finish the first date, as he usually creeps them out by demanding marriage and them quitting their jobs so they can raise his kids in a foreign country. Dr. Beck doesn’t take rejection lightly, throwing fits of various degrees that usually result in damage to trash in alleyways, but occasionally cause huge scenes in restaurants where dozens of people witness him screaming at his latest date as she tries to escape.

The breakdown scenes with Dr. Beck unleashing his frustration as to why no one will love him are amazing. He’s convinced he’s a doctor, he’s a catch, he’s worthy of love, but is unable to see how he presents himself to the women, so he blames them for his struggles. He’s delusional, and the fantasies begin to creep into his reality, causing him to lose track of time. Despite this, he’s very good at keeping his cover of being an eminent heart surgeon and a respectable doctor. Things change when his latest obsession appears, brought into the ER one fateful night…
Stalked by my Doctor Lifetime
Sophie Green (Brianna Chomer is your typical high school senior, complete with a jock boyfriend, ethnic best friend, and admission to her number one college choice. But her idiot boyfriend, Ryan (Carson Boatman), has a hobby of texting while driving. This has already lead to a fender bender, and now it leads to a serious auto accident where both of them are ambulanced to the hospital. Ryan has a broken leg (and goodbye football scholarship!), while Sophie has a rip jamming her heart and needs surgery, fast. Dr. Beck is there to save the day, and to become enamored with Sophie. Bloody women with major medical problems are such a turn on for creepsters!
Stalked by my Doctor Lifetime
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