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The gene-splice ain't nice in The Chimeran

Richard Bazley and Star Wars Producer Gary Kurtz are teaming up with an independent film called The Chimeran, about a future where animal/human hybrids are used for cheap labor.

The story focuses on a secret camp where the government have created an experimental society with Chimerans, genetically bred-for-purpose hybrids, at the heart of their community. They work the fields and look after the children in the camp, becoming integral tools in the production of food and goods. It’s a test to see if it could work on a national scale and solve the world’s mass production problems in a sustainable fashion. The problems come when it becomes clear that the chimerans, although they were made for production and farming – like knives and axes before them – can also be used as weapons.

The concept sounds awesome and is inspired by Planet of the Apes and District 9, both great things to draw influence from. It also sounds like there is a lot of H.G. Wells Dr. Moreau influence.

The official synopsis is:

When wannabe god Professor Beachell De Vries creates an intelligent and powerful Chimeran worker race to save his son’s life and the economy; their camp becomes a battleground for the very future of the human race.

Oliver is a ten year old boy dying of a degenerative brain disease. His best friend is his dog, Bobby; an elderly golden retriever with a similarly negative life expectancy.

The only way Beach can save his son’s life is to break the ultimate taboo – growing hybrid brain tissue; an illegal and immoral act that would forever change the world.

With oil powered mass production machinery lying unused and derelict, the Government look to Beach’s technology to grow their own work force. Getting “back to nature” with a pollution free economy powered by ‘working animals’ – The Chimerans.

Based loosely on the subjugation of slaves in the US in 1800’s, The Chimeran highlights a worrying path of genetic manipulation happening right now and points out that it’s a path that’s been trodden before.

The official site is here and is packed with amazing concept art.


In the future, LOLs will be genetically modified!


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Link Duties Unit vs. Hitler

We’re back again with a bunch of links to stories that I didn’t have time to turn into their own posts and also links to cool reviews from around the web. So let’s get busy!

**The Muppets 2 will be released on March 21st 2014.

**Someone uploaded the complete 166 page screenplay for Django Unchained as a .pdf, if you are curious to see what didn’t make the final cut.

**50 Shades of Grey will be NC-17 according to the film’s writer, Kelly Marcel. This is probably news to everyone else involved with the film, who aren’t about to sink a ton of money into a project that will get an NC-17 rating and kill the box office returns. Or it’s just a publicity stunt. Either way, will not happen.

**Pang Ho-Cheung is following up his hit film Vulgeria by producing a sex comedy called SDU: Sex Duties Unit. He’s also slated to direct Women Who Know How to Flirt Are the Luckiest.
SDU Sex Duties Unit

**The Hebrew Hammer is getting a sequel! In The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler, Mordechai Jefferson Carver comes out of retirement and teams up with Jesus to go back in time to fight Hitler. Hell yeah!

**The nephew of George Soros (yes, that George Soros) is named Jeffrey Soros, who leads the board of directors for Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art and is making his first feature film, Basmati Blues. Basmati Blues will be shot entirely in India and stars Brie Larson (21 Jump Street.) They are currently looking for a male lead who is Indian (which is shocking and awesome at the same time!)

**Ninja Dixon observes Santo and the Vengeance of the Mummy!

**Pulp Curry talking about Night Moves!

**Cinematic Catharsis gets down with Funky Forest: The First Contact!

**Pre-Code takes the Cimarron challenge!

**HBO signs ten year deal with Universal, tells Netflix to shove it!

**Who wants an All Quiet on the Western Front remake/new adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe? Because that’s what we’re getting.

**I hope you want another Ben-Hur, because that’s what we’re getting. Remember, the Heston version is also a remake/new adaptation.

**Fake but awesome “evidence” of Russian animal experimentation.

Until next time, remember to eat your ice cream!
Uranium Ice Cream

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