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Dead on Campus pranks death and destruction on Lifetime!

Dead on Campus Lifetime

A-ha! Drugs! And not even the cool drugs, these are lame drugs! You’re out of the sorority, sister!

Despite popping up on their schedule and being in a press release, Lifetime hasn’t been overdoing the marketing for Dead on Campus, their new original movie airing Saturday, November 8. It’s almost as if it is getting lost in the shuffle of grumpy cats, Christmas cheer, and miniseries announcements. But TarsTarkas.NET cares, and despite a killer cold, we’ve been paying attention to the upcoming slate of films and can now break out the Dead on Campus information that deserves to be free to the world!

College should have been the best time of Natalie’s life, especially when she pledged Phi Delta Pi, one of the most prestigious sororities in the country. What initially feels like a welcoming sisterhood turns into a strange hazing when Natalie learns she’s required to seduce an awkward college student named Sumner to continue her pledge. When Natalie reluctantly complies by bringing Sumner to her dorm, her “sisters” play a prank that results in the drugging of Sumner and his accidental death. Natalie is accepted into the lavish world of Phi Delta Pi, but only if she keeps her mouth shut. As Sumner’s older sister starts questioning the circumstances of his accident, the pressure builds for Natalie, who is feeling increasingly manipulated by Alexis and her cohorts. She realizes Alexis has no intention of telling the truth and will cut anyone down who attempts to threaten her reputation, even if it means framing Natalie.

Dead on Campus stars Katelyn Tarver (Big Time Rush) as Natalie Kellison, Nicki Aycox (Dark Blue) as Danielle Williams, and Tamara Duarte (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Alexa Cooper. It’s directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy, four different “The ________ Met Online” Lifetime films), which means he is very good at delivering crazy Lifetime drama. Dead on Campus is written by John Serge (A Sister’s Revenge)

Hazing is bad, but watching crazy movies is good, so do that instead!

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