Mommy’s Little Boy takes more child drama to Lifetime!

Mommy's Little Boy Lifetime

I just wanted to love snow and talk about snow, and now I’m trapped in a Lifetime movie!

It’s Mommy Madness Marathon for Lifetime, with two movies with “Mommy” in the title for lots of Lifetime fun. Besides Mommy’s Little Boy, we also have Double Mommy (hence why they’re not calling it a Double Mommy Weekend!), and both of these films are sequels in spirit to prior Lifetime movies with similar titles and creative teams! Mommy’s Little Boy gets our interest because it’s written by Christine Conradt, who writes so many awesome Lifetime flicks that I can’t even begin to list them all! She’s the person we write about the most when it comes to Lifetime movies, and for good reason, because she’s awesome! This means Mommy’s Little Boy will be packed with all sorts of twists and turns and crazy craziness that makes Lifetime original movies so amazing and unique!

When ten-year-old Eric’s older brother Max drowns, Eric’s mother Briana takes the death of her favorite son especially hard and spirals into a dark depression. Eric, already haunted guilt over not saving Max and desperate for attention, begins spending time with the family of his baseball coach Michael. When, in a drunken rage, Briana commits a fatal crime, she decides to take Eric and hit the road. Discovering he’s about to be ripped away from his surrogate family, Eric takes a stand against his mother and enlists the help of the person he trusts most–Michael.

Mommy’s Little Boy stars Bree Williamson (Sins of the Preacher ), Peter DaCunha (Home Alone: The Holiday Heist), Paul Popowic (Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return), Sebastian Pigott (Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost), Natalie Lisinska (Sorority Surrogate), and Allison Graham (A Nanny’s Secret) It’s directed by Curtis Crawford (all the Lifetime _____ they Met Online movies)

Mommy’s Little Boy premieres Saturday, March 18th on Lifetime!

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Killing Mommy goths it up on Lifetime!

Killing Mommy Lifetime

Let’s hurry up and kill mommy because I got to get to Hot Topic and buy more Jack Skellington gear!

Killing Mommy means we’re going to have a whole theme of Lifetime Killing _____ movies (as we’ve already had Killing Daddy!), so get ready for Killing Baby, Killing Granny, and Killing Curt Schilling! This film gives us twin sisters both played by Yvonne Zima, which gives her plenty of time to chew the scenery and make this a ridiculous Lifetime flick to remember, so let’s hope it lives up to the promise! She’s already managed to be Lifetime deranged in The Girl He Met Online, so it will be double the fun! Don’t worry, one of the twins will be the gothiest goth who ever gothed, just in case you need help telling them apart.

When their mother announces her plans to remarry and sell the family estate, twin sisters Juliana and Deb have different reactions to the news. Juliana feels her mother will continue to support her, while Deb begins to threaten her mother’s happiness to the point of threatening her life.

Killing Mommy stars Yvonne Zima, Claire Rankin, Garrett Hnatiuk, Rob Stewart, Vanessa Zima, Emily Galley, and Ellora Patnaik. It’s directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy) and Anthony Lefresne (Guilty at 17 ), and written by Trent Haaga (Killing Daddy). I hope the two directors thing doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the film.

Killing Mommy premieres Saturday, June 11 on Lifetime!

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Here is a longer trailer from YouTube that seems to give away most of the twists, so watch if you dare!

Mommy’s Little Girl is good clean Lifetime fun!

Mommy's Little Girl Lifetime

Time to punish all Bratz dolls!

Holy crap, Mommy’s Little Girl looks fantastically cheesy! A tiny girl becomes the villain as she leaves a trail of bodies against all those that stand between her and her mom! This includes the awesome scene in the trailer of her bashing a dude in the back of the head with a baseball bat! This is Lifetime I can get behind!

Eleven year-old Sadie was raised in a remote country house by her controlling grandparents. Now finally reunited with her mother, she won’t let anything, or anyone, get in the way of her new found happiness.

Mommy’s Little Girl stars Fiona Gubelman(911 Nightmare), Emma Hentschel(Open Heart), and James Gallanders(Bride of Chucky). It is written by longtime Lifetime contributor Christine Conradt (So many Lifetime movies it is crazy!) and directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy, all the ___ Met Online movies) Basically, this is the strongest pedigree of Lifetime movies you can hope for, and the trailer in the link looks amazing, so it is a definite much watch!

Mommy’s Little Girl premieres Saturday, March 19, on Lifetime!

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Mommy's Little Girl Lifetime

The Sandlot reboot went its own way…

Dead on Campus pranks death and destruction on Lifetime!

Dead on Campus Lifetime

A-ha! Drugs! And not even the cool drugs, these are lame drugs! You’re out of the sorority, sister!

Despite popping up on their schedule and being in a press release, Lifetime hasn’t been overdoing the marketing for Dead on Campus, their new original movie airing Saturday, November 8. It’s almost as if it is getting lost in the shuffle of grumpy cats, Christmas cheer, and miniseries announcements. But TarsTarkas.NET cares, and despite a killer cold, we’ve been paying attention to the upcoming slate of films and can now break out the Dead on Campus information that deserves to be free to the world!

College should have been the best time of Natalie’s life, especially when she pledged Phi Delta Pi, one of the most prestigious sororities in the country. What initially feels like a welcoming sisterhood turns into a strange hazing when Natalie learns she’s required to seduce an awkward college student named Sumner to continue her pledge. When Natalie reluctantly complies by bringing Sumner to her dorm, her “sisters” play a prank that results in the drugging of Sumner and his accidental death. Natalie is accepted into the lavish world of Phi Delta Pi, but only if she keeps her mouth shut. As Sumner’s older sister starts questioning the circumstances of his accident, the pressure builds for Natalie, who is feeling increasingly manipulated by Alexis and her cohorts. She realizes Alexis has no intention of telling the truth and will cut anyone down who attempts to threaten her reputation, even if it means framing Natalie.

Dead on Campus stars Katelyn Tarver (Big Time Rush) as Natalie Kellison, Nicki Aycox (Dark Blue) as Danielle Williams, and Tamara Duarte (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Alexa Cooper. It’s directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy, four different “The ________ Met Online” Lifetime films), which means he is very good at delivering crazy Lifetime drama. Dead on Campus is written by John Serge (A Sister’s Revenge)

Hazing is bad, but watching crazy movies is good, so do that instead!

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Killing Daddy never felt so good, on Lifetime!

Killing Daddy Lifetime

Gee, which one could possibly be the evil one?

Revenge is a dish best served crazy with Lifetime’s latest original movie, Killing Daddy! A daughter is out to destroy her family after blaming her dad for her mom’s suicide, but family secrets and revenge make a perfect cocktail of Lifetime movie fun. Just from the sample pictures of Cassie Ross dressed up all dark and evil looking, or made up to look like a psych ward patient, you can expect a fun ride!

Cassie Ross is scarred by the suicide of her mother, which occurred when Cassie was a child. She is convinced that her father was to blame for her mother’s death. Cassie’s older sister, Laura, has always sided with their father, so for years Cassie has been estranged from her family. When Cassie discovers that her father has had a debilitating stroke, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to return home and seek justice for her mother. Confiding in her mute and helpless father her plans to destroy her sister and stepmother and ultimately kill him, Cassie sets out on her path to destroy her broken family and take all of their riches. But Cassie’s revenge won’t come as easy as she thinks as hidden truths about her family may derail her entire plan.

Killing Daddy stars Elizabeth Gillies, Cynthia Stevenson, and William Moses. Director Curtis Crawford is a Lifetime vet having helmed four similarly titled films: The Boy She Met Online, The Wife He Met Online, The Husband She Met Online, and The Girl He Met Online. He also worked on the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon. Writer Trent Haaga wrote Heebie Jeebies.

Killing Daddy airs July 5th on Lifetime!

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