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A Vampire Academy sequel will happen if YOU open your wallet!

Do you like throwing your money at YA franchises that failed to make it at the box office? Well, Vampire Academy has an offer for you! Despite Vampire Academy not setting the box office afire (or even creating sparks!), Vampire Academy is following in the YA franchise tradition of going ahead with an ill-advised sequel that will lose money. But there’s a twist! The twist is YOU will make up the difference, thus the rich producers will not lose any money, and the Real Fans will feel more involved. It’s win-win, unless you are an innocent bystander, like I am.

As the Facebook Announcement says:

We are excited to announce that we have raised the majority of our funds for FROSTBITE – but there is one small catch (we told you this wouldn’t be easy)…We need proof that the fans truly want to see the franchise continue. And so, we will be launching a crowd funding campaign and putting the power in your hands. More details to come later this week.

So, ‪#‎VAFamily‬ – Are you ready to make history? ‪#‎Frostbite2015‬

No word on if everyone will be back, but I’m thinking thanks to the magic of contractual obligations you can expect everyone. Will this go down the road of the bomb Percy Jackson 2, or the upcoming Mortal Instruments sequel that was delayed because of how bad Mortal Instruments: City of Bones did? We shall see…

Until then, start saving your pennies, because you need to throw money at this failed franchise instead of throwing money at all those other projects posted by actual independent struggling artists!

Vampire Academy Poster

How about “They suck at sequels!”?

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Sabrina the Superheroine Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch – who you probably remember as Melissa Joan Heart and the talking cat show, but was also several cartoons and was originally a spinoff of Archie Comics, will be back in movie form. Sony Pictures is doing the reboot/remake, and thanks to the magic of reimagination, Sabrina will now be an origin story where young Sabrina comes to terms with her powers. Maybe an evil magician kills her Uncle Ben or something. Yes, it’s going to be “edgier”, because we’re all about edges here in the post-Dark Knight era of comic book movies. Edges edges edges. but don’t worry, talking black cat Salem will be back (the best part of the TV series, with Caroline Rhea as a close second) except now he’s a transformed prince/love interest. Okay. As an aside, male cats have barbed penises. Andrew Berrer and Gabriel Ferrari will be writing, and Mark Waters might direct. Maybe. Just cast a spell and direct away, dude!

Via Deadline

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I hope they reboot this video game also!

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