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Godziban Episode 07 – “Run! Three Brothers’ Chapter” Go! Go! Godzilla-kun # 5 (Review)

March of Godzilla 2019

Godziban Episode 07 – “Run! Three Brothers’ Chapter” Go! Go! Godzilla-kun # 5

aka ゴジばん
Godziban ゴジばん
September 20, 2019
Written and directed by Hideyuki Kobayashi
Godziban ゴジばん
With the seventh episode of Godziban we are forced to ask the big question. Where is Gabara? Certainly he has to show up soon to bully Minya so the Godzilla brothers can train him to beat him up, right? I know the puppet exists, there are photos of him from the original stage show! Maybe after the monster training storyline concludes. (Future Tars here: Nope, we have a different story yet and several new characters, but no Gabara yet!) Until then, we got more Go! Go! Godzilla-kun! There is a new kaiju who shows up this week, so maybe the cast will continue to expand like a star reaching the end of its life cycle! Wait, maybe I should find a better analogy than that. No time, gotta hit post!

Go! Go! Godzilla-kun
Godzilla-kun is training the boys how to run like real monsters. Suddenly Anguirus and Baragon pop up and want to join in on the running fun. Yes, Baragon is here now! Hooray for Baragon, everyone loves him!
In puppet form! Also even Baby Mothra comes by, it’s a regular Monster Island reunion going on here!
Godziban ゴジばん
Godzilla and Anguirus race first. Baragon and Little also race, Baragon is much faster and jumps ahead. Minya and Baby Mothra then get ready to race, and just like last time in the GEMSTONE pilot, Baby Mothra makes Minya eat her dust by blasting away so fast. Godzilla-kun and Anguirus converse via speech bubbles agian, this time animated instead of on signs. Baby Mothra passes by Little and Baragon (Little has regained much of the lost distance) and then Godzilla-kun and Anguirus, each time making everyone she passes spin around out of control by how fast she is passing them. Baby Mothra then turns and heads back to the start, passing everyone again. The others make it back to the starting line, Little hitching a ride on Baragon’s back. Everyone then faints as Minya says a joke

Now it is time for the big race between all monsters, everyone will race at the same time, reach a far away flag, and then return. Per usual, Baby Mothra shoots off super fast and returns before anyone knows what is going on. I also enjoy thejoke that Minya keeps getting knocked down by her speed and just lies there at the starting line until Mothra returns. Mothra has Minya ride on her back as she races out again, passing by the other 4 and making them eat her dust. Minya and Mothra win, Minya having learned the valuable lesson to have fast friends. Community and solidarity is the key to be a good monster.

We are again on the wasteland, but this time the clouds give the setting sun (or moon??? who knows!) an otherworldly look. Perhaps they have wandered so far on Earth they ended up on another desolate planet. Perhaps they are on the Planet of the Apes and may pass by a Statue of Liberty buried in the sand. Or maybe they are in the near future and Mad Max and his friends will soon drive by in cars. We may never know, but we do know that this stinger keeps the same format as the usual Hedoji episodes.
Godziban ゴジばん
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