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The Lohan vs The Fox – Which Carrie Will Reign Supreme?

Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan are in a war of bad casting decisions to become the next Carrie, in the remake of Carrie, about a girl named Carrie, who is so very fly oh my, it’s a little bit scary. Actually, Carrie isn’t supposed to be fly at all! But I’m sure glasses and a pony tail will make Megan Fox look unattractive (yeah, right!) The real question is why Lindsay Lohan is up for any part in anything except Inmate #12319418012343?

As this Carrie will likely be PG-13 and not contain scenes of girls pelting each other with tampons, I think I’ll pass.

It's totally believable that I'm unattractive and unpopular!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - May 25, 2011 at 11:26 am

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