A new Mulan film is coming again!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Mulan fans rejoice, because there will be yet another version of Mulan coming from Chinese cinema! I know what you are thinking: “Wasn’t there just a new Mulan film a few years ago?” Yes, there was! Zhao Wei was Mulan in 2009’s Mulan! And let’s not forget Jan de Bont filmed a Mulan in 2011 starring Zhang Ziyi that seems to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. But the world needs yet another Mulan, and so a Mainland China production company has stepped up and recruited Yang Mi to be the new Mulan for Mulan Ji Qian (木兰奇缘) which appears to translate into Mulan’s Romance. So now Mulan is a love story, unless it’s talking about Mulan’s love for duty to her country. Or, since Yang Mi likes to pretend to kiss Liu Shishi in photos, maybe it is something else.

The director will be Barbara Wong Chun-Chun – she codirected Protege de la Rose Noire along with Donnie Yen as well as other films in recent years.

Since you will be Googling it, here is Yang Mi pretending to kiss Liu Shishi many times…
Yang Mi Liu Shishi
Yang Mi Liu Shishi
Yang Mi Liu Shishi
Yang Mi Liu Shishi
Yang Mi Liu Shishi

via ChineseFilms
Yang Mi pretending to kiss Liu Shishi via cfensi

Protege De La Rose Noire (Review)

Protege De La Rose Noire

aka Gin chap hak mooi gwai

Gillian Chung as Gillian Lo
Charlene Choi as Charlene
Ekin Cheng as Jim Lo/J-Lo
Teresa Mo as Rose
Directed by Donnie Yen and Chun-Chun Wong

The TWINS! Hong Kong pop stars Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi star in their second vehicle movie, partially directed by Donnie Yen. It’s campy eye candy.

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