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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is on to Remake City!

Yes, it’s true, it’s true! Today is an awesome day. A great day! A holiday! The Garbage Pail Kids will have a new movie! If you didn’t grow up with Garbage Pail Kids, then your childhood was a waste. Mothers freaked out (mine banned the cards from our house!), schools banned the cards, Cabbage Patch Kids sued…it was awesome! Gross kids on gross cards. And then they had a film that got yanked from the theater for being so awful. I’ve seen it three times in the theater thanks to someone in the Bay Area having a print. And now there will be a new one. Because, as all GPK fans know, there is two copies of each GPK, each with a different name.

Even better, the director is some guy named PES. Yes, PES. Why? Who the frak knows? Just remember, it is PES, not POS. Or maybe it is, we’ll find out when Garbage Pail Kids hits the theaters! PES directs short films, none of which I have seen and won’t see until later today when I’m at a computer that uses sound. PES developed the story with Michael Vukadinovich, who is scripting.

You can thank Michael Eisner for this, as his company The Tornante Company bought Topps and has made this their first film spinoff.

In other GPK news, there are awesome GPK style art on this page from Luis Diaz, including an awesome Princess Leia Garbage Pail Kid:

Princess Leia Garbage Pail Kid

The nostril force is strong on this one...

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