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Crying Fiddle (Review)

Crying Fiddle

aka แว่วเสียงซอ

Directed by Jarin Parnsain

Time once again for some Thai shot on video horror! It’s when the guessing game is the horror in the film…or the film itself??? Usually it’s the film. Will it be the case this time? Duh!

This time we have the story of a girl who dies and comes back as a vengeful ghost who also happens to be green. Why green? Why the heck not? It’s not like we’re treading new ground with green ghosts, remember Slimer? But there will be no Ghostbusting…oh, there IS Ghostbusting, by a few Thai Buddhist priests, but they are the ones who get busted instead! Bustin’ doesn’t make them feel good, I tell you what.

For 73 minutes of generic ghost gunk, the film is okay. But it is the type of film you finish, go “Oooooookay…”, and then immediately start another film and never think about it again. Unless you write reviews on the internet, in which case you spend 30 minutes writing up a review and then never think about it again. You see what I go through for TarsTarkas.NET?

Pring (Koontira Sattabongkot) – Pring is a rich girl who is smitten with her family’s servent Thai, but dad gets angry, which goes bad when she shows up dead. It’s murder, and the rapey murderer Sorn soon gets revenged on.
Thai (Ninnart Sinchai) – Thai is a servant of a rich family that gets fired because their daughter has the hots for him. Wouldn’t you know, but soon she’s dead and back in green ghost form, bugging Thai. Thai can’t catch a break. Actor Ninnart Sinchai was also in the Thai horror flick Immortal Enemy
Sorn (???) – Sorn is a spoiled jerk who always gets his way. And if you stand in his way, he’ll rape you dead!
Cha-em (???) – Cha-em is the other girl in the film that somehow is obsessed with Thai, even though her character is useless.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - August 12, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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