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Shin Godzilla (Review)

March of Godzilla Godman

Shin Godzilla

aka シン・ゴジラ aka Godzilla Resurgence
Shin Godzilla
Written by Hideaki Anno
Directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi

New facial cleanses have gotten out of control!

Godzilla was on one of his occasional breaks after his Final War while the US developed their own Godzilla franchise. But after that monster hit, Godzilla reawoke in Japan to return with a spiritual successor to the original Gojira that is also one of the most successful films in Japan. Godzilla is back as a force of nature, the appearance and response directly referencing the Japanese Fukushima earthquake/nuclear disaster. Much of the film is spent in a West Wing style series of high level government meetings, in which entrenched minsters and officials do little of consequence in order to avoid looking bad if their actions don’t have the desired effect. While that sounds like it could be terrible, it’s actually really good, the scenes are cut quickly and innovatively to keep things moving briskly along while still giving you the feeling that the characters were in long unproductive meetings.

Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi were given free reign to tell their story, the pair having collaborated on Evangelion, with Anno subsequently directing cult live action films such as Cutie Honey and Higuchi doing effects work on the Gamera trilogy and directing the Attack on Titan features. Their strong pedigree promised that we would get something unique and entertaining, and the pair delivered with a strong entry.

The effects are a bit mixed, the final form of Godzilla is well done, but the earlier forms look goofy and some effects with them seem more rushed. While most of the music is new, there is some nice Akira Ifukube put in at the right time, with tanks driving around and blasting away that helped made the scene come together, you won’t care that everything is now CG instead of models and a guy in a suit. It really is modern mixed with the past, besides the retro tank fight, we have unmanned drones attacking Big G at one point, and the final sequence has a bunch of industrial and civilian vehicles that make up the heart of Japan’s economic might being used to save Japan.
Shin Godzilla
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Dee Vee the DVD Monster and more Tumblr fun!

It’s that time again, time to post an article full of images culled from Tumblr complete with comments. As usual, we will link to sources if we can (though I’m not linking to NSFW stuff), but I won’t link if I have no idea where it came from or if it is something that obviously isn’t from where I found it. Fun images are fun, so let’s have fun. Won’t you?

Dee Vee the DVD Monster
I have no idea who Dee Vee the DVD Monster is, but he’s awesome! Can you be as awesome as Dee Vee the DVD Monster? No, you cannot. Don’t even try, it is embarrassing for both of us, and you are upsetting Dee Vee the DVD Monster.

Mr. Rock Bootleg toy
No, that’s not Mr. Spock, it’s his identical cousin Mr. Rock! Mego was a popular toy line, and like all popular toy lines, there are waves and waves of bootleg knockoffs. Mr. Rock here is one of many, he’s from a line produced by Lincoln International, most of the others were various versions of monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Mummy, and a Girl Victim!!! Amazingly, the Girl Victim is a ripoff of an old Aurora model kit from 1971 that elicited a string of protests resulting in the kit being pulled. Then a few years later Lincoln International decides to do it all again! I guess Mr. Rock here can be a hero and save her, assuming he isn’t the evil goateed version of Mr. Rock from the Mirror Universe!

As you can see in this link from the wonderful Plaid Stallions website, Mr. Rock came complete with a ray gun and a pink space communicator, which looks amazingly like a cell phone. Bootleg toys, predicting the future just as well as Star Trek!

Mr. Sweet Potatoes book
Oh, Mr. Sweet Potatoes, what mysteries could you possibly contain? Oh. Well, then! Public domain is the best domain! Also there is a drawing of a chimp in a monocle reading the newspaper for one of the stories (Spoiler: the chimp dies!) via monster-a-go-go

Dancing Mushrooms
Dance dance dance!

Star Trek Sweet Cigarettes
We had a bootleg Mr. Spock, now how about the real deal Mr. Spock hawking candy cigarettes! Those of you who are young might not know that there used to be candy cigarettes that you could buy to pretend that you smoked, only they were basically flavored chalk (they were usually NASTY!) and I never really saw them again after the 1980s. But this is the swinging 70s, 1970 to be exact, and Primrose Confectionery from England is proud to present Star Trek Sweet Cigarettes! How many people do you think died because of these candies?


Godzilla vs Smog Monster soundtrack  hedorah
One of many Godzilla images on Tumblr, this is a copy of the Godzilla vs. Hedorah soundtrack! Back when album art mattered.

Horrible Monsters Vending Machine

If there is one thing I like as much as ridiculous movies, it is ridiculous bootleg toys. So the second bootleg toy series we’ll look at is this cheap vending machine set called Horrible Vending Machine Monsters. As you can see, they featured the classic monster lineup, but also “Godzilla” and “King Kong”. Except you can clearly see that the “Godzilla” toy is just a bigger Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the “King Kong” looks like a big Wolfman. It is entirely possible that there are other molds beside these and there are actual Godzilla and King Kong toys, but who knows? Your new life goal is to travel back to 1960s vending machine America and answer that question some day! So hurry up and post the answers in the comment section!

Be sure to drop by Our Tumblr if you enjoy people who repost things that were reposted. And also updates and random stuff I post from my heard drive of 20 years of collecting random crap on the internet!

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Godzilla – RiffTrax Live Trip Report!

RiffTrax Godzilla
March of Godzilla 2014
I live in a world where I have gone to see 1998’s Godzilla in theaters twice ON PURPOSE! And in between the two showings, I saw a different American Godzilla movie also called Godzilla that was actually good and actually had Godzilla in it! Strange how life works. The original Godzilla viewing back in 98 was on opening weekend, where I convinced all my friends to go and was pretty excited, hoping that this would be another Independence Day-style awesome action film that I would end up seeing three times in the theater (like ID4). But it turned out to be terrible and I still get friends bemoaning that I dragged them to see Godzilla to this day. Godzilla took a lot of flack, from Godzilla looking like an Iguana mutating into Jay Leno to everything else about the film because it’s completely garbage at all levels. Bad acting from some of the leads, Matthew Broderick not being an action star, zero strong female characters, strange director vendettas, confusing action sequences, indiscriminate destruction by the US military, clown college Jurassic Park breaking out in the last third of the film, and CGI that hasn’t aged well. Some CGI was dodgy then, including any scene where we are very very close to Godzilla’s skin (it’s like they didn’t make a high textured skin surface to use for those shots!) or any scene with Godzilla in the water (just embarrassing!)

Godzilla led to a legacy of shame, but in shame there is often great potential. Potential being Godzilla would make a great potential RiffTrax! Thus, a Kickstarter was born. (Disclosure: I meant to donate to this Kickstarter, but I forgot! D’oh!) The Kickstarter was successful enough, they not only got the funds for Godzilla, but they reached the stretch goal of Anaconda as well (out October 30th, more details in a later post!)

As addressed by one of the preshow slides, the most memorable Godzilla quote isn’t even from the film, but from the Taco Bell Dog saying “Here Lizard Lizard Lizard” in commercials. That’s just good commentary.

Some of the preshow slides were awesome, (though a few fell flat). The kaiju nerdy ones were hilarious, but no one in the theater I was at seemed to get them. Also, the theater was more empty than it’s been recently at the RiffTrax events, I don’t know if it was Godzilla scaring them off or what, but that’s how it was.

The length of the film meant we had no time for shorts and little time for banter before the movie, though they did debut their new opening animation, which was cool if a bit long. The riffs were largely on point and hilarious, though there were some sound mixing problems, especially in the first 10-15 minutes, that left a few jokes unheard over the noise of the film. I guess I’ll have to wait for the mp3, though that will mean watching Godzilla yet again (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!) My favorite riffs included how no one likes Echo 3, the Muppets Take Manhattan riff, and the frustration at Emmerich’s coffee and Ebert vendettas. Any time the riffers went all French was also hilarious. Most of the lack of enjoyment stems from the film itself, not the commentary. I would rate it in one of the top five RiffTrax Live events, though that may just be because I’m biased towards giant monster films. That’s forgiving the technical problems.

Speaking of technical problems, the show I was at had the fire alarm go off in the middle of it! This stopped the film, but it was a false alarm so we sat and waited for ten minutes until they could restart the show. I was worried we’d miss a bit, but they rewound so we ended up seeing a few minutes over again, and I got a free pass at the end. I even found a nickel on BART, which means I turned a profit for the night. Finally, Godzilla pays off!

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More King Kong, more Godzilla, kaiju taking over theaters!

King Kong vs Godzilla poster
The most exciting news out of Comic-Con wasn’t blurry cams of trailers of comic book films or galleries of cosplay that are just excuses to post scantily clad women, but the news from Legendary Films about their upcoming batch of giant monster films. Yes, that’s plural, because in addition to two Godzilla sequels, the long-rumored King Kong prequel is confirmed for November 4, 2016!

Titled Skull Island, no details on the King Kong film are known at this time, but it sounds like an evolution of the 2009 story of Kong: King of Skull Island:

Producers at the shingle have picked up the rights to the book “Kong: King of Skull Island,” a prequel to the well-known tale of the big ape.

Penned by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland, book focuses on the backstory of Skull Island and how the giant gorilla became king there. It introduces other giant gorillas and dinosaurs only hinted at in the previous films.

How much of that is still in effect, no one knows except Legendary Films, and they ain’t talking!

Not to be outdone, Godzilla 2 promises not just the return of Godzilla, but some other famous kaiju as well: Mothra. Rodan. King Ghidorah. This means lots and lots of monster mayhem! I’m totally in, and Godzilla‘s massive success means lots and lots more money for the budget, so there will be more monster fights. Gareth Edwards is set to return. No release date is set for Godzilla 2, but we will keep you posted.

Could these films be leading towards the ultimate match-up, Godzilla vs. King Kong? Because they better be! ::shakes fist:: King Kong needs to battle Godzilla again, because you can’t end things in a tie! You need another film where things end in a tie, or at least they stop fighting to team up against a greater threat.

Between these films and Pacific Rim 2, it’s a good time to be a kaiju fan!

And where’s Jet Jaguar???

via THR and THR

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I enjoy this Taiwanese Godzilla poster far too much

Godzilla Taiwan Poster
And so does everyone in Taiwan, as it’s become an internet thing, from people taking photos by the poster to people drawing their own versions! It’s social media buzz done right, and it’s Godzilla! Please note that Godzilla is flashing the peace sign. Because he’s Godzilla, and can do that.

Via Appledaily and Getnews

March of Godzilla 2014

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RiffTrax vs. Godzilla!

RiffTrax has announced a new Kickstarter so they can get the rights to riff on the 1998 terrible version of Godzilla! But not only is it great news, the Kickstarter was announced while I was waiting in line for a screening of the new 2014 Godzilla, and by the next morning had already reached its goal and then some! Which was all the excuse I needed to post this a bit later. So for those of you who missed the announcement or were putting it off and need a reminder: RiffTrax. Godzilla. Let’s do this!

Last time the goal was to get the money to do Twilight, but the result ended up being Starship Troopers. This time, they already have things set up to get Godzilla, so it will be Godzilla and not some random film. Because the Kickstarter has met its goal, the choice now is just what extras you want to get. There are digital shorts, gift certificates, t-shirts, and even a huge prize of the RiffTrax guys riffing your own film. It’s only 5 grand, why not have them make fun of you wedding? You’ll look fondly back on the video as you pay alimony because your wife dumped you for blowing the nest egg on her being insulted by guys from the internet.

There are plenty of cool stuff to get no matter your budget. And prepare yourselves for the RiffTrax Live Godzilla event, because it’s totally on now! So open up your wallets and donate, that insulin can wait a month!

Disclaimer: I will probably contribute to this Kickstarter, but haven’t done so at the time this post was published.

Zilla Godzilla Final Wars

Good grief, I suck!

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