Abro Ne Bayie 2 (Review)

Abro Ne Bayie 2

Directed by C’emeka Uba (Don)
Written by Samuel Nyamekye, Fred Asanti Kotoko, and C’emeka Uba (Don)

Abro Ne Bayie 2 is the sequel to the original Abro Ne Bayie, filmed at the same time and featuring most of the same cast (except for characters who were witched away in the last film!) It is the same quality of script and special effects that we had last time, except now the plot moves forward a tad bit more. Hooray for that! But it is still badly written, badly subtitled, and a bunch of rambling crazy stuff instead of a coherent story. Don’t expect character development or answers to the question “Why?” You will never know why, because there isn’t a why. It just is. It’s just Ghana, man. Go with it.

For now, we’ve exhausted our supply of Ghanaian films, but we’ve still got the Ghanaian documentary Ghanaian Video Tales coming soon, and that’s like watching 50 Ghanaian films at once. For now, enjoy this next entry in the MOSS Theme Month!

Dufie (Mercy Asiedu) – The evil mom is still being evil…because! There is no reason to her evilness, she’s just bed because she’s bad!!
Mr. Owusu (Kofi Adu) – The hapless Owusu is helpless as witchcraft unknowingly happens all around him. But imagine what would happen if he found out his wife was a witch!
Vincent (Bernard Aduse-Poku) – Vincent is marrying Natasha, no matter what people say, which almost kills him. Because of the whole witch thing you may know about because I keep bringing it up.
Queen Eva (Babara Amayah A. Amantey) – The Queen Witch takes a more active role, appearing to menace people and yelling at Dufie more. She also has an alternate form…
Sunsum (Yaw Adu) – Sunsum is back, sharing his jawesomeness with the rest of the world. Thrill as Sunsum lives in a pot! Get the chills as he holds a cat! More kid in a skeleton suit with a horn on his head action than you’ll ever know!
Natasha (Benny A. Sowah) – Natasha married Vincent, and the destruction of Vincent begins. Until she’s totally de-witched by faith healers! Bu Dufie has something to say about that…
Drools McGee (???) – Drools still has no real name or credits, and he’s barely in this film. But he is, so he rates a Roll Call entry.
Basheba (Anita Acheampong) – Basheba is a new woman sent to destroy Vincent. Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but Vincent has 99 women sent to destroy him.
Queen Eva Monster Form (Babara Amayah A. Amantey) – Queen Eva’s alternate form that is stolen from Shaitani Dracula.

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