DTV sequel news – Road Trip 2, Mean Girls 2

DTV sequels coming up from Paramount’s Paramount Famous Productions (the company they made just to do DTV sequels) include Without a Paddle 2, Mean Girls 2, Road Trip 2: Beer Pong, Grease 3, The Naked Gun 4, and a new Bad News Bears (about soccer? WTF?)

The story of Road Trip 2: Beer Pong is it was originally a script entitled Beer Pong that was bought and presumably had the “Road Trip” portion added onto it. As long as it has an extended locker room sequence then I won’t call it an abomination, just stupid. Moviehole read some of the script:

the story sees a college student named Andy egged on by his rascally friends to stop worrying so much about his girlfriend back-home and start enjoying college life to the full. So he does. And meets a ‘Beer Pong’ model named Jenna. He becomes rather besotted.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend decides to transfer to Andy’s university so she can be closer to him – and on all days, the day he and his friends have decided to hit the road chasing Jenna and her model friends in their big-ass tour bus.

All that plus beer pong. American Pie Presents Band Camp director Steve Rash is helming, and it stars Preston Jones, Nestor Aaron Absera, Danny Pudi, Julianna Guill and Julia Levy-Boeken (with reported DJ Qualls cameo)

Naked Gun 4 has a great overview of the script up at AICN, so read that if you are curious.

No actual news on Mean Girls 2’s plot yet, but Paramount Famous Productions head Louis Feola said he wouldn’t make DTV sequels for Top Gun or The Godfather, so put down your pitchforks….for now!

(And don’t worry, American Pie 7 is coming out also, called American Pie: The Book of Love!)
The new Grease film is still only at the planning stages.
This is far too much DTV sequel news for me to stand, so we’ll end here.