Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man

Pics from the upcoming Mockbuster Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man have surfaced.

In this present day prequel, the robot invaders attack the Earth, forcing a small band of humans to seek refuge below the surface of the planet.

The only problem is, we know the humans are going to lose, so we lose the element of surprise.

Undead Backbrain has posted some pics (click for big)


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Thanks to Avery for the head’s up!

SciFi Channel upcoming crap

Before SciFi Channel becomes SyFy, they must make us watch garbage. And after they become SyFy, they STILL must make us watch garbage!

Sand Serpents sounds like someone liked Dune a little too much and decided to turn that into a SciFi Channel creature feature. So they did. Directed by Jeff Renfroe and starring Jason Gedrick, we have US soldiers chasing the Taliban, who find out they are now the ones being chased by the Sand Serpents! Watch it July 11th.

Hellhounds is directed by Silver Spoons himself, Rick Schroder. It involves hounds that are in Hell, because some dude in ancient Greece has wandered into there to go get his girlfriend. I guess he brings other people with him, otherwise the Hellhounds won’t have any doggy snacks. Will Cerberus show up? Find out July 19th.

Malibu Shark Attack is next on July 25, it used to be Goblin Shark Attack and is about a Goblin Shark that attacks. In Malibu. Peta Wilson will defend people from goblin sharks that are released after an earthquake opens an underground lake. Chelan Simmons also costars, she has fought giant bugs, ogres, chupacabras, and snakehead fish before on SciFi Channel, so freaky sharks should be no biggie.

Infestation will premiere August 8th. The official site has stuff for you to check out.

Fast and Ferocious shows up August 11th. No one knows anything about this film yet, so it is probably something else renamed. Hopefully it involves Vin Diesel racing cars against mutant cheetahs.

High Plains Invader then arrives August 30th. It used to be called Alien Western and stars James Marsters vs a bunch of giant bugs in the old west.

SciFi Channel will also be showing a bunch of stuff from The Asylum, with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus airing August 29th, Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man airing August 1st, and The Terminators airing August 15th.

Sand Serpents

Asylum news – Transmorphers 2 and Land That Time Forgot

Some pictures arrived of The Land That Time Forgot, which is being directed by C. Thomas Howell. More photos at Robojapan. I thought I had an article about this but didn’t see one. No poster yet.

Also, the poster is up for Transmorphers: Fall of Man, the prequel to Transmorphers. It won’t be as good as the original, but will it be better than Transformers 2? Probably. More info
I want a bigger poster photo, Asylum!

Thanks to Avery for the Land That Time Forgot info!

Cast announced for Chinese film Robot (Chinese Transformers)

kung fu cyborg

Kaiju Shakedown has the goods on the cast for the Chinese giant robot movie Robot, which we reported on when it was first announced.

“Jeff Lau says that ROBOT succeeds the slapstick comedy and narrative style he employed in A CHINESE ODYSSEY, but the major difference being various factors change with times. ROBOT is set against science-fiction backdrop, and robots in the film will not be restricted to just one or two. While the film will carry comical elements, romantic elements, and Jeff Lau elements, it will be very different from his earlier works, giving the audience an exciting novelty.”

The cast includes star Hu Jun, Wu Jing, Sun Li, Eric Tsang, Alex Fong and Ronald Cheng

The story tells the tale of a heroic cop who gets turned into a Robocop-like cyborg transformer and is then sent to live in an isolated village in order to get used to human emotions. The robot falls in love with a girl (Sun Li) and tries to reprogram himself to be more human, but his creators find out and send four killer robots after him. The flick’s budgeted at about US$10 million, has gigantic action scenes with Wu Jing (playing a bad robot who turns good) and, well, I’ll give Ronald Cheng the last word on the matter:

“I’m not a robot, but a robot wannabe, so I make myself very odd, even wearing a commode.”

Hmmm…as Jeff Lau says, “The audience won’t even recognise Ronald Cheng when they first see him.” I’ll bet.

Shaping up to be another weird film, but it can’t be worse than Transformers. But will it be better than Transmorphers? Only time will tell!