Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark is coming!

Yes, it’s true! The Asylum has gone and done it, and announce the third film in the Mega Shark trilogy – Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark. This time, Mega Shark faces her greatest threat, her mechanical double, Mecha Shark! One would think that Mega Shark would also be Mecha Shark’s greatest threat, but you are wrong. Mecha Shark’s real greatest threat is rust!

I bet you didn’t see that joke coming, even though you should have!

Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark is just announced, so no real information about which former pop star/sitcom star will be fighting the giant shark, but we’ll let you know as soon as the world finds out.

You can read our review of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus here, and look out for the upcoming Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus review, which might just feature some puppets…

And here is a bonus Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies teaser trailer, because, why the frak not??

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Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

SciFi Channel March Monster Madness

SciFi Channel (still refuse to use the term SyFy) is finally doing something interesting on their website. Their having their own March Madness with monsters from their Creature Feature films! 32 of the baddest monsters of them all are battling it out for the championship, and YOU can vote for the winners of each round! The best part is they went and made up stats cards for each of the monsters, and the cards are awesome. It is a shame they aren’t real cards. But enough of the dreaming. Did your favorite monster make the list? Despite appearing in three separate movies, no komodos made the list, nor did any raptors, robots, cobras, zombies, or werewolves. Just good old fashioned giant monsters, the type mom used to make! The cards are all archived here for those of you who don’t want to fiddle through the awkward flash user interface, and because I’m sure they will all disappear once the contest is over and these are too cool to have disappear into the internet ether. So, enjoy!

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Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus

Asylum’s followup to Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus will be Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus. I am not sure how that will work, as Gigantosaurus is a land-dwelling dinosaur that is a sauropod (think Brontosaurus) but the poster art is basically a giant T-Rex. So we got a T-Rex fighting a giant shark, who in the last film was taking a bite out of airplanes. Okay. Let’s hope for the best! Maybe they’ll have more actual monster stuff in this one! noticed the poster art in a CNN video and Avery emailed everyone in the universe.

SciFi Channel upcoming crap

Before SciFi Channel becomes SyFy, they must make us watch garbage. And after they become SyFy, they STILL must make us watch garbage!

Sand Serpents sounds like someone liked Dune a little too much and decided to turn that into a SciFi Channel creature feature. So they did. Directed by Jeff Renfroe and starring Jason Gedrick, we have US soldiers chasing the Taliban, who find out they are now the ones being chased by the Sand Serpents! Watch it July 11th.

Hellhounds is directed by Silver Spoons himself, Rick Schroder. It involves hounds that are in Hell, because some dude in ancient Greece has wandered into there to go get his girlfriend. I guess he brings other people with him, otherwise the Hellhounds won’t have any doggy snacks. Will Cerberus show up? Find out July 19th.

Malibu Shark Attack is next on July 25, it used to be Goblin Shark Attack and is about a Goblin Shark that attacks. In Malibu. Peta Wilson will defend people from goblin sharks that are released after an earthquake opens an underground lake. Chelan Simmons also costars, she has fought giant bugs, ogres, chupacabras, and snakehead fish before on SciFi Channel, so freaky sharks should be no biggie.

Infestation will premiere August 8th. The official site has stuff for you to check out.

Fast and Ferocious shows up August 11th. No one knows anything about this film yet, so it is probably something else renamed. Hopefully it involves Vin Diesel racing cars against mutant cheetahs.

High Plains Invader then arrives August 30th. It used to be called Alien Western and stars James Marsters vs a bunch of giant bugs in the old west.

SciFi Channel will also be showing a bunch of stuff from The Asylum, with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus airing August 29th, Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man airing August 1st, and The Terminators airing August 15th.

Sand Serpents