Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot (Review)

Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot

Written and directed by William Burke

I must go, but you can always catch my lone movie role in Robot Monster!

Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot gives us what we want – Bigfoot running around a nudist camp! Also we got UFOs, crazy dudes, the Loch Ness Monster, and goofy fun. It all rolls up into a Sasquatchtacular adventure and some fun late night viewing.

The overall plot is fun and quick paced, there never seems to be a point where things drag out, which can be a problem with some of the softcore films. The actors are all energetic, and most put on a naturalistic approach to acting, feeling like real friends that you are hanging out with rather than characters. Albina Nahar is the standout actress who almost steals the show, she’s having a lot of fun. But everyone does their jobs very well, the chemistry is great, even the chemistry of everyone hating Dirk! The Sasquatch costume is well built, though it looks a tad familiar. There are a few technical problems, some of the outdoor scenes are a bit overexposed. There is also an editing problem, where there are a few shots that seem to be focusing on an item (for either a joke or an emotional punch) but we either don’t get a clear view of the item or a shot of it wasn’t edited in in post. A notable examples is the floating tarot card of The Lovers at the end of Veruca and Flower’s sex scene, the card is not seen clearly and I only recognize it because I’ve seen a copy of the tarot deck they are using. This actually made me sad, because that stuff made the scenes more creative. William Burke obviously had fun setting up the many many many many weird positions for some of the sex scenes, and several other examples of having fun with sex scenes (i.e. the speed up sequence that explains why Mike is tired) show care was taken in every part of the film.

Prudence and Veruca watch the funniest episode of 2 Broke Girls ever!

Let’s talk about Bigfoot! Longtime readers will probably not be surprised to know this is not the first film I’ve seen with Bigfoot sexing up a girl and with Bigfoot raping a dude. I’ve even seen Ape Canyon in a theater with the director there! There is a whole subgenre of films with Bigfoot sexing up women or raping them, and let’s not even get into the books/fan fiction. Just look up Sasquatchploitation for more info than you ever want to know. Another common Bigfoot trope is UFOs, both in films and in real life Bigfoot sightings. It’s just cooler to say you saw Bigfoot and UFOs instead of just one.

Where did you find a waiter in the middle of the swamp??

The Sasquatch in Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventure of Bigfoot is not mean spirited or Bigfoot being overly perverted, he just seems to get aroused when the women are already running around naked for various reasons, though he’s perfectly willing to do the deed when offered (or not offered!) The opening credits take form of comic book cover and panels by Aaron Lane and help give us the feel that the whole thing is too pulpy to take serious. And will we see a whole series of Sweet Prudence dealing with erotic paranormal encounters? Maybe we will, if you buy enough DVDs/watch it on Cinemax/Maxgo!

Hey, that UFO has a “Mystery Spot” bumper sticker!

Prudence (Angie Bates) – Former cryptozoology major looking to regain her reputation and degree by capturing photos of Bigfoot. Innocent and sweet, incapable of lying, and incapable of lying in wait without pleasuring herself. Best friends with her roommate Veruca.
Veruca (Albina Hussain as Albina Nahar) – An erotic blogwriter under the pen name Salimae, Veruca is more interesting in looking for thrills instead of looking for Bigfoot. But she supports her friend Prudence and dreams of lumberjacks to help spice up her writing. Instead, she finds commune girls, but that’s just as good or even better…
Flower (Heather O’Donnell) – A hippie tarot zen master guru in charge of the local naturalist retreat where Bigfoot has been spotted recently. A big believer in visualizing good thoughts and manifesting them into reality.
Mike (Michael Slade) – Prudence’s friend and schoolmate who was unjustly dragged into the loss of his degree due to her shenanigans. Helps her track down Bigfoot thanks to some convincing, and finds love while doing so.
Ginger (Lynzey Patterson) – Freespirit worker at the naturist retreat who is the first to spot Bigfoot. Is practically insatiable.
Dr. Dirk (Luke Gallo) – A Bigfoot hunter who also came to the resort in secret. Is abrasive, loud, obnoxious, foulmouthed, and seems totally out of place from the rest of the cast and their granola free love attitudes.
The Creature (Daniel Moshe Johnson) – He’s Big! He’s got a foot! Okay, he’s got TWO feet! It’s Bigfoot, and he’s trapped on Earth and naked women are everywhere! What’s an ape to do?
Nothing can go wrong with this plan!

Tee-hee, we’re gonna get so many parasites!
Just another weekday in the orgy pool…

The jokes and the softcore scenes both flow fast and furious. We open with Ginger and her girlfriend of the moment Faye (Bianca Gross) skinny dipping at the camp lake, until they notice they have an audience…Bigfoot!

Once this hits the news, every deserts the resort. But someone is interested in Bigfoot, former cryptozoology student Prudence. She sees the bigfoot sighting as a chance to finish her degree. She also wants to take her roommate along with her, Veruca the erotic blogger. Veruca is more interested in hot guys to spice up her blog stories, though she’s lured in with mentions of possible lumberjacks and forest rangers. Prudence gives us a flashback to why her degree remains unfinished, it seems when her, her professor, and her crush Mike went in search of the Loch Ness Monster, disaster struck. Prudence gets aroused when needing to wait, and the noise of her self-pleasuring event scared off the Loch Ness Monster. The professor kicked them both out of school. This is her chance to set things right for both her and Mike.

Sweet Prudence: The Motion Comic!
This chart proves I’m not crazy and Bigfoot is a lizard person…

Speaking of Mike, he’s coming over in a few seconds to get some books, so Prudence enlists Veruca to convince him into joining the trip by any means necessary. As this is a softcore romp, you can guess what means are necessaried. Prudence hides behind the curtains to make sure everything goes well. After being convinced in the biblical sense, they party is on their way to the camp. A naturist camp. Which means nudist, for those of you unfamiliar with such terms. Owner Flower and her cook Ginger celebrate the impending new customers by also doing some biblical convincing to each other in the pool.

Of course, Prudence’s group isn’t the only ones, a bigfoot hunter named Dirk (or DOCTOR Dirk!) is there, hiding as a clump of grass. He’s abrasive, loud, obnoxious, foulmouthed, and has a secret – he plans to kill bigfoot for a million dollars!

Bigfoot noses around, interrupting Veruca and Flower’s magical time alone together. They yell at him for having his li’l Sasquatch hanging out. But if you like seeing Sasquatch dong…you will love this film! Bigfoot is hard at work stealing electronic devices for reasons unknown. Dirk is exposed as a pervo due to his numerous videos of Ginger showering, and is ostracized from the main group.

Sorry, folks, I got a 6 o’clock with the Yeti I got to get to…
We’ve come to find naked Sasquatches.
Turning me into a cartoon won’t stop me from meeting up with Yeti!

And now for the centerpiece nude sequence of the film…NUDE YOGA!!!!

Yes, all four girls are doing their yoga thing, and every yoga pun you can think of is mentioned at some point or another, so let’s just skip the jokes and get back to the show. Both Bigfoot and Dirk manage to spy on them, with Bigfoot making his special sauce, which Dirk tastes not knowing what it even is!

The plane: Dirk dresses as an ape to lure Bigfoot while Prudence and Mike lie in wait to take photos (Dirk’s real plan is to shoot Bigfoot then and claim his million bucks!) As we know from before, Prudence can’t just lay in wait and soon her and Mike are getting it on, Bigfoot waiting style! Bigfoot shows up around then, while Dirk has fallen on all fours while having a temper tantrum. One thing leads to another and soon Dirk is getting Deliveranced by Bigfoot! Eventually Bigfoot realizes Dirk is a dude in a suit and runs off.

Guess what jewelry I sell on Etsy!
Now, don’t you girls rush me all at once, I know I’m rocking these suspenders pretty sexy like…
Don’t mess with the Veruca!

Dirk’s killer plan is exposed, but by then he’s a changed man, in love with Bigfoot. Prudence goes into the woods to warn Bigfoot that there might be more hunters soon, and some of them might not be stupid! Veruca goes with her, they plan to lure Bigfoot in with technology, including a supervibrator from China.

Once she finds Bigfoot, there is a Harry and the Hendersons type scene where she tells Bigfoot to get lost. Except things don’t go exactly like Harry and the Hendersons and Prudence kidnapped by Bigfoot!

If you don’t have a pipe in your author photo, your book sucks!
This gun means I’m not a repressed homosexual!

Bigfoot modifies the vibrator into a communication device…which needs to be inserted into the vagina to work. He can now sort of talk by telepathy through the device with modulated voice. This voice is sometimes hard to understand. Bigfoot explains he’s an alien and needed the electronic devices to fix his ship and go home. Then we lead into the scene we all knew was going to happen…Prudence having sex with Bigfoot!

She also gets the photos she needs to get her and Mike’s degrees.

Bigfoot leaves while wearing a space helmet – holy Robot Monster, Batman!

Don’t worry, Prudence can still hear his thoughts with the device after he leaves, so a sequel is easy to write!

Many softcore films have a lesbian scene with a billion candles…
Sex Injury: The Movie!
I don’t want to be a tattletale, but Sasquatch is warming the pool in the corner…

Let’s all celebrate with giant orgy! Prudence, Ginger, Flower, Veruca, and Mike all get it on…successfully helping Bigfoot style!

Also poor reformed Dirk, waiting for Bigfoot to come back…will he ever find Bigfoot love? Probably not.

So the main concern is whether the rape scene of Dirk and his subsequent reaction is awful or funny. I don’t subscribe to the notion that every film should be 100% PC sanitized or that rape can’t be played for more than a traumatic event. But I can understand arguments that will claim that the rape scene is in poor taste, and Dirk’s subsequent turning homosexual is offensive. In fact, I’m more upset at Dirk turning stereotypically gay than him being raped. While the audience of this film will be predominantly male heterosexual, there will undoubtedly be a few Dirks in the audience who are repressed homosexuals, and this will reinforce their desire to hide further in the closest instead of accepting who they are. Then again, you can’t really hold a Bigfoot movie accountable for the way society views people. But it does give you something to think about besides how hot Albina Nahar is.

The filthiest picture ever on TarsTarkas.NET!
Remember: Bigfoot is from an advanced alien race, but can’t tell a fake costume ape butt from the real thing…
Kidnapping the girl? How stereotypical, monster! Try something original for once!

Rated 8/10 (So shocked, so reporting, so tenured, so camouflaged, so bought at Ross, so graphic designed, so headset, so playing Peter Gabriel on his boombox)

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Note: Sasquatch died on his way back to his home planet…

Have we got an update for you! Sweet Prudence director William Burke and actresses Albina Nahar and Angie Bates liked our review so much, they made a personalized video response! So enjoy the first ever response video to a TarsTarkas.NET review, and what is by far the best response ever to one of our reviews (beyond the occasional badly-spelled legal threats!)
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