SciFi Channel upcoming crap

Before SciFi Channel becomes SyFy, they must make us watch garbage. And after they become SyFy, they STILL must make us watch garbage!

Sand Serpents sounds like someone liked Dune a little too much and decided to turn that into a SciFi Channel creature feature. So they did. Directed by Jeff Renfroe and starring Jason Gedrick, we have US soldiers chasing the Taliban, who find out they are now the ones being chased by the Sand Serpents! Watch it July 11th.

Hellhounds is directed by Silver Spoons himself, Rick Schroder. It involves hounds that are in Hell, because some dude in ancient Greece has wandered into there to go get his girlfriend. I guess he brings other people with him, otherwise the Hellhounds won’t have any doggy snacks. Will Cerberus show up? Find out July 19th.

Malibu Shark Attack is next on July 25, it used to be Goblin Shark Attack and is about a Goblin Shark that attacks. In Malibu. Peta Wilson will defend people from goblin sharks that are released after an earthquake opens an underground lake. Chelan Simmons also costars, she has fought giant bugs, ogres, chupacabras, and snakehead fish before on SciFi Channel, so freaky sharks should be no biggie.

Infestation will premiere August 8th. The official site has stuff for you to check out.

Fast and Ferocious shows up August 11th. No one knows anything about this film yet, so it is probably something else renamed. Hopefully it involves Vin Diesel racing cars against mutant cheetahs.

High Plains Invader then arrives August 30th. It used to be called Alien Western and stars James Marsters vs a bunch of giant bugs in the old west.

SciFi Channel will also be showing a bunch of stuff from The Asylum, with Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus airing August 29th, Transmorphers 2: Fall of Man airing August 1st, and The Terminators airing August 15th.

Sand Serpents

The Asylum news bits

The Asylum, home of the mockbusters, gets some news…

Pics from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus up at Undead Backbrain:
hit the link for more.

The poster for The Land That Time Forgot has also been posted, with a giant T-Rex:

The Asylum is also releasing another sex teen comedy with Sexpot 3DDD about sex and pot. No giant monsters, though.

Finally, all references to the mockbuster The Terminators have been stripped from the Asylum’s website. Sources say there was a cease and desist letter sent, so the Asylum dropped all references to the movie but released it anyway! On a side note, I have a review of it finished and look for it to be uploaded once the internet at home (where I can use my ftp program) stops being stupid.

Thanks to Avery for some of the links

Asylum's THE TERMINATORS gets a trailer

And it looks like it features old-school cylons, freighters straight out of Deep Space Nine, and a battle around a space station that looks like the end of Phantom Menace meets any random DS9 station battle. Plus all the Terminator homages as cars crash into cyborgs and do no damage. I am amazed this hasn’t been sued yet, but let’s just hope the best scenes weren’t the entire trailer (as is too often the case) Am now sort of looking forward to it.

Trailer on the official site

Thanks to Avery for spotting it!

Asylum's The Terminators

UPDATE: Click here for the full review of The Terminators!
The Asylum, who brought us Transmorphers, Dragon, Monster, Snakes on a Train, and the rest of the mockbusters, has come out with another gem: The Terminators!

Information is sketchy, but some exclusive pics of the film are at Monster Island News.
I guess The Asylum liked being sued due to The Day the Earth Stopped so much they now want to get sued over everything. That might not be a good idea…

Thanks to Avery, sent back in time to search the web for movie news…