Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus

Asylum’s followup to Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus will be Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus. I am not sure how that will work, as Gigantosaurus is a land-dwelling dinosaur that is a sauropod (think Brontosaurus) but the poster art is basically a giant T-Rex. So we got a T-Rex fighting a giant shark, who in the last film was taking a bite out of airplanes. Okay. Let’s hope for the best! Maybe they’ll have more actual monster stuff in this one! noticed the poster art in a CNN video and Avery emailed everyone in the universe.

Death Kappa

Death Kappa will be dropping on Region 1 DVD and Blu-Ray on May 25th with a dubbed version for those of you who hate to read. May 25th is coming up quicker than you realize. Take a break and watch a movie where a giant kappa (a Japanese demon) smashes up some other giant monster. Death Kappa is the brainchild of Japanese FX man Tomoo Haraguchi.

The kappa, in Japanese folklore, are water goblins that are closely associated with a certain town in the country. Unfortunately, the area is also home to a militant splinter group of researchers dedicated to developing amphibious super soldiers based on the kappa of legends. When their experiments result in murders by some escapees, the appearance of an actual kappa, and the triggering of an atomic bomb, the consequences are of epic proportions. A monster arrives in the midst of the nuclear fallout, and Japan’s defenses are helpless against it. Mankind’s only savior is an irradiated water goblin that is on the rampage with death in its eyes.

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Movie News Droppings – Dinoshark and Kapoww

We have a Dinoshark pic:

Fingers are for sissies!

and synopsis:

“Global warming causes the glaciers to break apart,” Corman explains. “We start the picture with real beautiful shots of the glaciers falling into the ocean. The unborn egg of the Dinoshark that has been frozen for millions of years is released.”

coming March 13th to SyFy (sigh…) It was originally Dinocroc 2, but SyFy (sigh…) prefers similar but original films to random sequels.

Malaysian super heroes are all the rage thanks to Cicak Man! Now we got Kapoww!

True to the old school Superheroes you grew-up watching, comes ‘Kapoww!!!’ a new comedy by writer/director Azizi Chunk Adnan. Follow Atoi, kampong boy turned super hero, when he is literally struck by lightning. With the help of some popular drink, watch Atoi’s super powers come alive as he runs at the speed of sound and fires a bolt of lightning with his bare hands. Overcome by his latest discovery, Atoi moves to KL to join the elite group of super heroes known as, ‘Kapoww’.

Fighting the bad guys, and saving old lady from thief snatcher however proved to be too easy. The real challenge comes when Atoi is lauded with the glory of fame and fortune. And in the midst of this crisis with himself, comes the ultimate villain, Alakazambo. Will Atoi overcome the challenges to win the day? Or will he succumb to his losing ways?

I guess the heroes Atoi looks up to are called the Geng Astromen:
In this film, Atoi (Zizan Raja Lawak) is a teenager who desperately wants to be a superhero like the famous Geng Astromen. His only friend is Aboo (Bell Ngasri) and Aboo always help Atoi to find the superhero powers that he always dreams of. Unfortunately, at the same time, Faibo (Khir Rahman) who is the village gangster always bullying Atoi and make him feel small. One day, after Atoi was striked by lightning, he got the superpower that he dream which are the ability to move very, very fast like Flash and the superhero eyes. After he saved Siti Nurhasnita (Lisa Surihani) from Faibo and witnessed by Persatuan Superhero Malaysia, his bad luck began to turn to a wonderful story of a superhero celebrity. But how long will it lasts?


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Movie News Droppings

Daredevil is getting rebooted, complete with the awesome writer of the greatest film ever, the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still! I’m so excited I could vomit! I wonder if this will get the Twilight Treatment it looks like the Spiderman franchise is getting. Teenage Daredevil, a sparkling demon sitting in class, when suddenly this ninja chick Elektra moves in and there is a love triangle with werewolf Bullseye…

The Stretch Armstrong movie has found it’s Stretch Armstrong, Twilight werewolf boy Taylor Lautner! And it will be in 3-D.

AICN is reporting Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2) may be the first of several more Tron stuff, including a TV series and a third film. Assuming it doesn’t Tron tank at the box office.

The Asylum’s trailer for their Sherlock Holmes mockbuster is up, watch as Holmes and Watson fight giant monsters and Spring Heeled Jack (played by Enterprise regular Dominic Keating) Thanks to Avery for the link

Foywonder has up the 8th Foycast (complete with the worst DTV horror of 2009), as well as the February Foyeruism. Suggested listening and reading!

Takashi Miike’s upcoming Zebraman 2 is getting a spin-off as well! Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police! Seriously. And the three actresses won their roles thanks to a tv show contest, according to a commentor at Twitch. Hopefully the Miike connection will keep this flick from becoming lost in the Japanese DTV sea.

For a review of the original Zebraman, put one up recently!


Demeking (aka Space Monster Demeking aka Demekingu) is a 2009 daikaiju film released in Japan that so far has avoided much exposure in the US and has really avoided clear images of the title monster. Demeking is based on a manga and much of the imagery is related to a dude riding around on a motorcycle. So it’s got that going for it.

Pictures from UndeadBackbrain more here


Trailers uploaded from NipponCinema here and here

Set in a dreary port town in 1970, the story revolves around a group of boys led by the older Kameoka (Kohei Kiyasu) who form their own exploration group. One day Kameoka meets a strange man named Hachiya (Takeshi Nadagi) who works at the local amusement park. Hachiya is convinced a vision of the future he experienced is real, and one day he will have to fight a giant monster called Demeking to stop it from destroying Tokyo. When the time comes, Hachiya suddenly up and leaves. However, with the guidance of a note he leaves behind, Kameoka and his friends set off on an adventure to discover the true nature of Demeking.

Official site
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Oceansize – Free animated short

Here is a free animated short called Oceansize, about workers on an oil rig who encounter a giant sea monster. It’s free, and the economy sucks, so enjoy your affordable entertainment while you can still afford an internet connection!

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