Cast announced for Chinese film Robot (Chinese Transformers)

kung fu cyborg

Kaiju Shakedown has the goods on the cast for the Chinese giant robot movie Robot, which we reported on when it was first announced.

“Jeff Lau says that ROBOT succeeds the slapstick comedy and narrative style he employed in A CHINESE ODYSSEY, but the major difference being various factors change with times. ROBOT is set against science-fiction backdrop, and robots in the film will not be restricted to just one or two. While the film will carry comical elements, romantic elements, and Jeff Lau elements, it will be very different from his earlier works, giving the audience an exciting novelty.”

The cast includes star Hu Jun, Wu Jing, Sun Li, Eric Tsang, Alex Fong and Ronald Cheng

The story tells the tale of a heroic cop who gets turned into a Robocop-like cyborg transformer and is then sent to live in an isolated village in order to get used to human emotions. The robot falls in love with a girl (Sun Li) and tries to reprogram himself to be more human, but his creators find out and send four killer robots after him. The flick’s budgeted at about US$10 million, has gigantic action scenes with Wu Jing (playing a bad robot who turns good) and, well, I’ll give Ronald Cheng the last word on the matter:

“I’m not a robot, but a robot wannabe, so I make myself very odd, even wearing a commode.”

Hmmm…as Jeff Lau says, “The audience won’t even recognise Ronald Cheng when they first see him.” I’ll bet.

Shaping up to be another weird film, but it can’t be worse than Transformers. But will it be better than Transmorphers? Only time will tell!

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