Dark Fantasies

Dark Fantasies

Dark Fantasies
Written by ??? (no credit I could find)
Directed by Jay Robie

Dark Fantasies

Can’t stop looking at dream porn! Nmmgh, yeah, baby!

A tale of sexual dreams turned dark Inception twists makes Dark Fantasies one of the more mean-spirited softcore flicks. It also opens things up to many deep questions. In Dark Fantasies, characters enter shared dreams and have sex with each other, which is at first described as “guilt-free!” But a character hides his involvement in the experiment because he knows it will upset his partner, and it does, leading to more consequences. Beyond that, things get creepy as the Professor begins intruding in the fantasies and having sex with the girls, which begs the question of just how consensual those sessions were. Dark Fantasies seems to draw conclusions as to what the boundaries are, but a tale that opens such questions deserves a closer look. Also there is lots of softcore sex for those of you into that sort of thing…

Because of the darker tone, Dark Fantasies has a more limited target audience. That’s always a price to be paid with these softcore films, some people are couples who like light-hearted stories to get in the mood, while others watching are an audience eagerly awaiting the nude scenes and eager to skip all the boring talking parts. In addition, the group of people who wish to discuss the themes of Dark Fantasies will be even smaller. But for that one guy, here’s hoping this lives up to your expectations!

The dreams are a bit stylized, mostly appearing in similar-looking rooms that are part of whatever house the director rented that week. The ending of each features thunder cracking and a weird phasing effect. At no time do people fly or turn into giant crabs or suddenly are skiing down yogurt sculptures of Joan Rivers like in my dreams, but maybe the sequel will secure $30 million for dream CGI effects.

Dark Fantasies

I’ll continue this interview once I’m done watching the game on the tiniest tv ever!

Mainline Releasing Group/MRE is given props for exploring storylines that do more than just move from sex scene A to sex scene B, but can stop and make you think a bit. Each one is like a small drama story that’s then frontloaded with naked people rubbing and grunting on each other. While not everything is a hit, and even some of them are good only for their concepts than their actual stories, the creativity being shown is a winning effort that deserves praise.

Despite the fancy scifi Inception reality of shared dream sexing, Dark Fantasies gives us some respect by not inventing some sort of dream cam that people watch. Instead the nefarious Professor Carlton just has to stare blankly at an EKG monitor. Is it any wonder he went insane with power and decided to try the dream sexing himself? Of course, he chooses women who aren’t 100% willing until he dream cons them, and that’s ignoring his study isn’t quite in line with the American Psychological Association’s Ethics Code, which probably means big fines and academic suspension. If he wasn’t arrested. Spoilers.

Megan (Reena Sky) – A college student dating Kyle and living the good life of a house too expensive to afford and apparently not even going to school or work. But storm clouds are on the horizon that threaten her relationship with Kyle. Clouds called psychology! Reena Sky is also in Pleasure Spa, and also something called Munch Box. I am sure that is about the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A home computer game Munch Man.
Kyle (Rocco Reed) – College student who is dating Megan and driving Carrie wild because she can’t have him. But he’s prone to doing dumb stuff, like getting involved in experiments where he can have sex with chicks in his sleep, without thinking that maybe he shouldn’t be doing things like that without telling Megan. Rocco Reed was Commander William Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation – A XXX Parody.
Carrie Branson (Isabella Sky) – College student who likes her psychology professor, Dr. Carlton. She’s also very jealous of Megan and Kyle’s relationship and attempts to sabotage it by getting Kyle involved in the dream sexperiment. Isabella Sky was in something called Pimp My Ride and Nail Me Inside.
Professor Maxwell Carlton (Steve Crest as Jack Lawrence) – Arrogant psychology professor who runs a dream experiment where people travel into each other’s dreams and have sex with them. Takes over and just has sex with every girl experimentee he can. Steve Crest is a former professional cyclist turned actor and porn star, you will be able to see in him Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
Amber (Melessia Hayden as Melissa Jacobs) – Another member of the sexperiment squad, she’s used as a pawn by Carrie to recruit Kyle as part of Carries master plan to break people up. Melessia Hayden is also in Pleasure Spa and Naughty Reunion.

Dark Fantasies

That “Dream Big” sign in the backgroud….foreshadowing or just lucky set decoration?

Dark Fantasies

The most boring porn tape of all time!

Roomies Carrie and Megan get up for the day, Carrie dressing to impress her Psychology professor, Dr. Carlton, who she’s crushing on. Megan just has sex with her boyfriend Kyle, because she smartly scheduled just afternoon classes.

Next a house with white painted bricks has a sign that’s trying to convince us it’s part of the Psychology Department at an University and not just the producer’s house. Professor Carlton is grilling Carrie as to why she wants to be in his study, demanding to know if she is a spy. After she admits that she’s crushing on him, Professor Carlton lets her in on the experiment: It’s called Nocturnal, and it’s an experiment about sexual dreams and that people can meet each other and have sex in dreams. That description is so hot Carrie has sex with him right there in his office, which would mean in most universities he’s going to get fired. But this is Softcore University, so maybe he’ll get a raise. Because of the sex and a guy raises his… Never mind, let’s just get to the philosophical junk!

Professor Carlton tells Carrie she needs to recruit everyone else for the dream sexperiments. First stop is her friend Amber, who is taking a ride on the fail train and needs some extra credit in psychology, thus eager to do any experiment without being told what it is. Amber then cons Kyle to joining the experiment as well, saying he’s too connected to Megan.

Amber and Kyle first dream together in bed, and get their dream on. Carrie is off to further her plan to destroy Megan and Kyle’s relationship. The dream sex has thunder and lightning crash at the end during the orgasm. Only Kyle wakes up, though he seems fine and agrees to be in the study.

Professor Carlton and Carrie then dream together, and they have some sex complete with the thunder at the end. Carlton is an egomaniac, this taste of power begins to grow inside him, he becomes increasingly hostile as the film proceeds, and inserts himself into some of the sex dreams in place of the male test subjects who are supposed to be there (most notably with Amber)

Dark Fantasies

Worst reenactment of the Emancipation Proclamation ever!

Dark Fantasies

I’m kinda bad at these magazine quizes, the last one said I was in love with a turle.

Kyle didn’t stop by Megan’s place that night, and Carrie tells Megan about the experiment, needling in the fact that Megan doesn’t know what Kyle is really up to. Amber talks with Kyle and she reveals Carrie told her to recruit him specifically. Kyle realizes Carrie is doing all this just to ruin his and Megan’s relationship. Kyle is angry, and storms to Megan’s house. Only Megan isn’t their, just Carrie. So he grabs her…and takes her to the dream place to have sex with her in the dream???


Amber demands Professor Carlton put her in the dream as well, so Kyle won’t hurt Carrie. Thus we get a dream threesome. A dreamsome. Kyle basically tells Carrie she better do it now because there is no next time, then makes out with Amber to get her jealous. Soon everything happens that you expect.

Kyle then tells Carrie he loves Megan, but Megan is not home, having gone to see Professor Carlton. Carlton belittles Megan about the study, then tricks her into volunteering – even handcuffing her to the bed after he hooks her up. Professor Carlton enters the dream so he can show her what was going on. He eggs her on about wanting revenge on Kyle to get her to have sex with him. The background is rainy and there is constant thunder and lightning, the music is darker and the sex is rougher.

Carrie unlocks Megan and the two talk. Megan understands that the main pleasure of sex is mental and that this whole thing is cheating, while Carrie tells Megan that Kyle loves her. Soon Kyle and Megan talk, he was ready for breakup, but they makeup and get it on.

Carrie gets Professor Carlton arrested, and Carrie schools him on psychology and his lack of knowing about it. I’m not exactly sure what they’ll be charging Carlton with, as I doubt state laws have caught up with dream crimes. Though he did handcuff Megan, so he’s probably done all sorts of shady stuff.

Dark Fantasies has the beginnings of some great stuff, it just suffers from what seems like a rushed script (not surprising at all). It’s a shame there was no credit for the writer. Mainline Releasing has gone on to produce some pretty thought-compelling softcore films (and a few duds) so I recommend checking them out whenever you get a chance. Even the ones that don’t get it done are interesting.

Dark Fantasies

You know he’s evil because he sleeps sitting up!

Dark Fantasies

I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you diddlin’ kids!

Rated 6/10 (MRE!, real college sign, background bird, another background bird, dream-changing!, the fountain of unaffordable apartments)

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Dark Fantasies

I like my coffee like I like my fantasies…dark!

Dark Fantasies

Wait until the dark fantasy kicks in and he turns into the Big Bad Wolf and she’s She-Ra, Princess of Power!

Dark Fantasies

It’s a dream because of the slight blue filter!

Dark Fantasies

A character dreams about the movie Dark Fantasies in Dark Fantasies!

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