Godzilla #14 (September 1978)

Godzilla Marvel 14

Godzilla is the cheese!

Godzilla #14 – Mega-Monsters Part III The Super-Beasts (September 1978)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin

Now Big G is in trouble! The three invading space monsters are now super-charged and ready to kill Godzilla. Ally Red Ronin has gotten his head chopped clean off, and 12-year-old pilot Robert lies unconscious and in danger. Luckily SHIELD people have finally shown up to give us smart remarks on the impending action.

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Godzilla Marvel 14

Note: Never suck Godzilla’s belly

Tamara Hasioka and Jimmy Woo risk their lives to grab Robert from the battle, as he’s lying unconscious in Red Ronin’s severed head. They succeed, because I really doubt the Godzilla comic will kill off their only child character.

Thanks to the Mega-Monsters having received the super-charging Energex-ray, Godzilla is outnumbered and outgunned, and starts to get stomped. The three super-powered Mega-Monsters pound him like a red-headed dinosaur step-child.

Dum Dum and Gabe grab SHIELD ships to fly in and help the battle. Their distractions allows Godzilla to be able to kill Krollar! Take that, Krollar, you were the worst of these monsters! Godzilla sets his sights on Triax, who soon is killed dead as well. Triax was totally arrogant, so au revoir to that guy.

Rhiahn chomps on Dum Dum’s ship, but doesn’t swallow, and Dum Dum gets knocked out of his mouth…into Godzilla’s hand! Godzilla just puts Dum Dum on the ground and then fights Rhiahn. Rhiahn tries to chop off Godzilla’s head, but Godzilla moves Rhiahn’s blades so the Mega-Monster beheads himself!

On the Moon, the Betas all die from no air. Meanwhile, the Megans decide that since they can’t conquer Earth, they are too tired to war with the Betans any more. It’s peace through exhaustion! Or just being poor. Well, let’s take our victories however we can get them. Luckily, the Betans and the Megans were never seen again in Marvel comics, so we can assume that they broke both their economies so much they can’t even afford space travel to make background cameos!

Next time — Godzilla goes somewhere you will never expect! No, not there, I said somewhere you don’t expect! Stop guessing, just find out next time.

Godzilla Marvel 14

The best part of these tales is Dum Dum’s names for the weird monsters

Godzilla Marvel 14

Rihanna’s weirdest look yet!

Godzilla Marvel 14

He’s angry he forgot the sunscreen!

Godzilla Marvel 14

Krollar is a big fan of Sergio Aragonés’ Groo the Wanderer

Godzilla Marvel 14

Needs more lube…

Godzilla Marvel 14

Not having 3D vision makes you want to bite things

Godzilla Marvel 14

You got to keep your head when fighting Godzilla!

Godzilla Marvel 14 cover

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