Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Review)

Gothic & Lolita Psycho

aka Gosurori shokeinin

Directed by Go Ohara
Written by Kuroki Hisakatsu

Rina Akiyama
Go Ohara’s followup to Geisha vs. Ninjas delves into the genre of the splatter films that have become a popular export from Japan. To help he’s recruited Yoshihiro Nishimura of Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, and Mutant Girls Squad fame to handle the gore effects and makeup. Ohara continues the general themes of Geisha vs. Ninjas, with a girl hunting down people responsible for the death of a parent, an episodic structure of bad guy fights, and secret truths being revealed at the end about the parent but it not making a difference in the quest for revenge.
Minami Tsukui
There are only a few fight sequences in this film, though they are pretty long. Some of them are interesting, some of them are boring and overstay their welcome. As a rule, the only interesting fights are against female opponents, though the final fight does get interesting as well. But the guy opponents are either: a psychic who levitates around like a lunatic, a guy who cries for his life for like 5 minutes, or a generic gang of thugs. The final boss entertains an element of danger and risk, though having seen these films enough I knew what the danger would entail, but there was an additional feature of the final fight that made it different from the other ubergore films. It isn’t as wild and crazy as Noboru Iguchi splatter flick, but it does have it’s own charm.

We watched an unsubtitled DVD, so some names are just descriptions and plot points are guesses. At TarsTarkas.NET, we don’t need no stinking subtitles. There’s gonna be spoilers below, so if you aren’t cool with spoilers go read some other review.
Misaki Momose

Yuki (Rina Akiyama) – Rina Akiyama gained fame with a trademark “butt pose” in gravure magazines, leading people to call her “Bishiri no Joo” (Queen of the Beautiful Ass) and “Oshirina” (shorted version.) This movie decides the best way to capitalize on that fame is to put her in clothes that cover and de-emphasize her posterior as much as possible. Hm. Rina Akiyama has been in a bunch of Kamen Rider flicks.
Gambling Maiden (Minami Tsukui) – Head of an underground club where all your secret sins and desires can be obtained, for a price. Overseas the illicit gambling in the facility via her skull blade dice shaker. Slices and dices anyone she opposes. Minami Tsukui was the star of Geisha vs Ninjas so we all knew that Ohara was going to squeeze her in somewhere.
Spoon Guy (Masahito Okamoto) – Johnny ESP here bends spoons like he’s in the Matrix, harasses girls, and flies around like a weird-o. Not particularly scary, just weird.
One-eyed Schoolgirl (Misaki Momose) – One-eyed Schoolgirl is awesome, and the coolest villain in this piece. Her bladed twin-guns of death combined with her schoolgirl attire and dopey attitude make her memorable far after the DVD is out of your player and you’re watching Holmes Inspection on HGTV. Her character name is Redei Eru, but that’s too difficult to remember. Misaki Momose hasn’t been in much, but if this appearance is any indication, she will be popping up in a lot of flicks soon.
Leader of the Cult Masato (Ruito Aoyagi) – This jolly worshipper of the devil laughs all the time. Who knew Satanism was so hilarious? This guy! Leader does not fear the long arm of the law, for his arm is longer…
Jiro (Yurei Yanagi) – Yuki’s father who builds the Gothic Lolita weapons she uses in her revenge quest. He also may know more about why her mother was targeted than he let’s on. A priest who is wheelchair bound after the attack on his family. Yurei Yanagi was in both the first two Ringu and first two Ju-on movies.

Misaki Momose

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Gothic & Lolita Psycho trailer up

Gothic & Lolita Psycho drops in theaters September 4, if a movie being shown in theaters drops. More like projects September 4. Whatever, it’s another gorefest crazytime awesome film from director Go Ohara (Geisha vs. Ninjas) and has Rina Akiyama as a gothic clothes wearing chick who avenges her mother’s murder by killing tons of people in the name of God. We got an English subbed trailer and a blooper trailer. Needless to say, they are filled with lots of goofy gore, so if you are at a job where you can’t watch goofy gore at work, I guess don’t hit play. Even if you are at a job with a cool boss, you should probably not click because the job environment is pretty bad now and you don’t want to be downsized. In fact, go to your coworker’s computer and load up this page and hit play, get him fired so you are safe!

Via NipponCinema, as usual

Upcoming Japanese films

Gothic And Lolita Psycho

Director Go Ohara (Geisha vs Ninjas) and effects man Yoshihiro Nishimura (effects on Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl) will bring us Gothic And Lolita Psycho.
Rina Akiyama stars as the Gothic and Lolita Psycho, named Yuki. Ruito Aoyagi, Minami Tsukui, and Yourei Yanagi also star. You might know Rina Akiyama from her numerous photos of her butt. She seriously has so many photos of her butt they call her Oshirina, which is a nickname incorporating the Japanese word for “butt” and Rina’s name. She was in a bunch of Kamen Rider stuff, so if you like that stuff you probably found this post by googling her name.

Official synopsis:
Gothic and Lolita … the fashion reflects her dark and childish mentality. YUKI, the heroine, saw her mother killed by cruel gangs. She vows revenge! Knock off the enemies with her transformable umbrella. So gorgeous and so savage…

Who killed mother? What the hell are the gangs? What is the truth and purpose that father knows? Her coming terrible destiny is going with the dead bodies.

Basically, Yuki becomes a Gothic Lolita dressed agent of revenge after she gets demon powers and has a magic umbrella. So like Mary Poppins, if she killed people. So like Mary Poppins. Everything these guys have made that I’ve seen has been fun, so this one will probably be as well.
So I ganked some pics from NipponCinema and a gravure shot or two of Rina Akiyama:

Mutant Girls Squad
Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl) and Tak Sakaguchi (Be A Man, Samurai School) joined forces to co-direct Mutant Girls Squad, which promises more gore, more schoolgirls fighting, and more weird Japanese stuff.
Poster one-sheets here

30 second teaser trailer (NSFW for brief boobage flashing)

In non-Japanese news,
Wong Jing’s Naked Soldiers to be directed by Cash Chin Man-Kei features Tang Yifei

Gotta love that Naked Killer advertising method still being used 18 years later! Will this be good enough to stand with Naked Killer, or be terrible like Naked Weapon and Lethal Angels was? Only time will tell…