Gothic & Lolita Psycho (Review)

Gothic & Lolita Psycho

aka Gosurori shokeinin

Directed by Go Ohara
Written by Kuroki Hisakatsu

Rina Akiyama
Go Ohara’s followup to Geisha vs. Ninjas delves into the genre of the splatter films that have become a popular export from Japan. To help he’s recruited Yoshihiro Nishimura of Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, and Mutant Girls Squad fame to handle the gore effects and makeup. Ohara continues the general themes of Geisha vs. Ninjas, with a girl hunting down people responsible for the death of a parent, an episodic structure of bad guy fights, and secret truths being revealed at the end about the parent but it not making a difference in the quest for revenge.
Minami Tsukui
There are only a few fight sequences in this film, though they are pretty long. Some of them are interesting, some of them are boring and overstay their welcome. As a rule, the only interesting fights are against female opponents, though the final fight does get interesting as well. But the guy opponents are either: a psychic who levitates around like a lunatic, a guy who cries for his life for like 5 minutes, or a generic gang of thugs. The final boss entertains an element of danger and risk, though having seen these films enough I knew what the danger would entail, but there was an additional feature of the final fight that made it different from the other ubergore films. It isn’t as wild and crazy as Noboru Iguchi splatter flick, but it does have it’s own charm.

We watched an unsubtitled DVD, so some names are just descriptions and plot points are guesses. At TarsTarkas.NET, we don’t need no stinking subtitles. There’s gonna be spoilers below, so if you aren’t cool with spoilers go read some other review.
Misaki Momose

Yuki (Rina Akiyama) – Rina Akiyama gained fame with a trademark “butt pose” in gravure magazines, leading people to call her “Bishiri no Joo” (Queen of the Beautiful Ass) and “Oshirina” (shorted version.) This movie decides the best way to capitalize on that fame is to put her in clothes that cover and de-emphasize her posterior as much as possible. Hm. Rina Akiyama has been in a bunch of Kamen Rider flicks.
Gambling Maiden (Minami Tsukui) – Head of an underground club where all your secret sins and desires can be obtained, for a price. Overseas the illicit gambling in the facility via her skull blade dice shaker. Slices and dices anyone she opposes. Minami Tsukui was the star of Geisha vs Ninjas so we all knew that Ohara was going to squeeze her in somewhere.
Spoon Guy (Masahito Okamoto) – Johnny ESP here bends spoons like he’s in the Matrix, harasses girls, and flies around like a weird-o. Not particularly scary, just weird.
One-eyed Schoolgirl (Misaki Momose) – One-eyed Schoolgirl is awesome, and the coolest villain in this piece. Her bladed twin-guns of death combined with her schoolgirl attire and dopey attitude make her memorable far after the DVD is out of your player and you’re watching Holmes Inspection on HGTV. Her character name is Redei Eru, but that’s too difficult to remember. Misaki Momose hasn’t been in much, but if this appearance is any indication, she will be popping up in a lot of flicks soon.
Leader of the Cult Masato (Ruito Aoyagi) – This jolly worshipper of the devil laughs all the time. Who knew Satanism was so hilarious? This guy! Leader does not fear the long arm of the law, for his arm is longer…
Jiro (Yurei Yanagi) – Yuki’s father who builds the Gothic Lolita weapons she uses in her revenge quest. He also may know more about why her mother was targeted than he let’s on. A priest who is wheelchair bound after the attack on his family. Yurei Yanagi was in both the first two Ringu and first two Ju-on movies.

Misaki Momose

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Geisha vs Ninjas (Review)

Geisha vs Ninjas

aka Geisha Assassin

Directed by Go Ohara

Having read Memoirs of a Geisha years before it became a terrible film, I am an expert on the Geisha and their generational war with the ninja, and am glad a film finally sheds some light on this dark mark on Japanese culture. The geisha has been underrepresented in movie culture because of the firm grip of ninja clans in the film producing world. Ninja master Godfrey Ho has spammed countless video rental businesses with ninja propaganda, to the point where the geisha are all but forgotten. Only in recent years have they made a move on mass culture, and now the Geisha/Ninja war gets it due on the big screen. And by big screen I mean your DVD player.

Do you like ninjas fighting geishas? Then you will like the first twenty minutes or so. after that, the ninjas are no more and the film becomes Geisha vs. _______, with “_______” being each new opponent she faces. Instead of one big film, just view it as a bunch of fighting shorts tied together by a loose narrative. That does mean the Geisha vs. Ninja title is misleading, thus probably why it was changed by the American distributor. The film looks like it should be a cheaply produced junkpile with terrible fights, but the action sequences have a lot of work put into them and are entertaining. I was impressed. Geisha vs. Ninja certainly wasn’t highly financed, but they wisely threw all their money into the action choreography, and that saves the film.

Kotomi Yamabe (Minami Tsukui) – Saw her father murdered before her eyes when she was a young child, and now seeks revenge. Minami Tsukui is a newcomer to Japanese cinema, but she’ll probably show up in some more genre pictures at least.
Female ninja (Nao Nagasawa) – We shall add one of the ninjas in the Roll Call because it is Geisha vs. Ninja. Nao Nagasawa is an actress, singer and model. She was on some Sentai show so I’ll probably get lots of hits from Power Ranger fans. Since she poses for billions of pictures we collected a bunch of them in a gallery. Hey, that stuff gets us ad revenue!
Ainu woman (Kaori Sakai) – So many other random enemies could be here, but let’s continue with the hot chick theme. Oddly enough, there is little information about this hot chick. Google searching for “Japanese Pocahontas” produces a surprising amount of porn, so I can’t even make a good joke.
Katagiri Hyo-e (???)- The samurai guy who killed Kotomi’s father in front of her and who she pursues. Has a bunch of lackeys he sends after her one by one. Also, there is a twist. It is twisty. I don’t know who played him.
Shugoro Yamabe (???) – Kotomi’s father who was killed in front of her by Katagiri Hyo-e. Very concerned over who will inherit the Yamabe Sword. Maybe you should have had a boy, dude. Not what he appears. I don’t know who played him.

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Geisha vs Ninjas! Plus: Onechanbara: The Movie

UPDATE – Read our review of Geisha vs Ninjas here!

This is not a joke title, these are a real films coming at you in 2008!

Director Go Ohara, who is best known either as an action coordinator on the movie Death Trance or doing stunt work for the video game Devil May Cry 3. I have seen none of that so I know nothing about Go Ohara. However, if this movie avoids Chinese actresses playing geishas, Godfrey Ho ninjas, western samurais, or whatever horrible stereotype bonzes have in bad movies, then maybe it will be good. What am I saying, this will be awesome regardless!

Plot description:

She dances beautifully and defeats enemies … After Resident Evil and Kill Bill, new touch of martial action movie of beautiful Japanese woman is born! Go Ohara, the action director of Death Trance created his latest movie, a revenge action drama about a beautiful geisha! To take revenge for the murder of her father, a beautiful geisha duels with a number of assassins. This is a new Japanese action movie in which geishas, ninjas, samurais and bonzes are fighting. Can she really avenge her father’s death?

Oh, TWO plot descriptions on the poster?

One rainy night in the Edo period, Kotono (a Geisha) confronts samurais who killed her father. The Samurais attack her one after another, but she fights hard against samurais with her sword. Kotono tries to chase the samurai who scramble to escape. Yet now three ninjas stand up against her. Kotono drops her sword by their waves of assault. Can she beat them?

I hope those three ninjas aren’t the Three Ninjas who fought at High Noon at Mega Mountain.

We got poster:
Geisha vs Ninja

The film stars Minami Tsukui, who is this person:
Minami Tsukui

poster from Twitch

Go Ohara is also action director of the upcoming film Oneechanbara: The Movie (aka OneChanbara aka a bunch of other translated spellings of the same name) I also know little about this except it appears to be based on a video game.


Stars these guys:
Satoshi Hakuzen
Manami Hashimoto
Ai Hazuki
Hiroaki Kawatsure
Sari Kurauchi
Tomoya Nagai
Chise Nakamura
Eri Otoguro
Taro Suwa
Tomohiro Waki
Tetsu Watanabe

Official website

A bunch of stills here

Actresses at a press junket:





Here is an example of the wallpaper from the official site:
Onechanbara wallpaper

And they have a trailer and like 90 still images in flash form. This film will be ridiculous! Ridiculously AWESOME!