Geisha vs Ninjas! Plus: Onechanbara: The Movie

UPDATE – Read our review of Geisha vs Ninjas here!

This is not a joke title, these are a real films coming at you in 2008!

Director Go Ohara, who is best known either as an action coordinator on the movie Death Trance or doing stunt work for the video game Devil May Cry 3. I have seen none of that so I know nothing about Go Ohara. However, if this movie avoids Chinese actresses playing geishas, Godfrey Ho ninjas, western samurais, or whatever horrible stereotype bonzes have in bad movies, then maybe it will be good. What am I saying, this will be awesome regardless!

Plot description:

She dances beautifully and defeats enemies … After Resident Evil and Kill Bill, new touch of martial action movie of beautiful Japanese woman is born! Go Ohara, the action director of Death Trance created his latest movie, a revenge action drama about a beautiful geisha! To take revenge for the murder of her father, a beautiful geisha duels with a number of assassins. This is a new Japanese action movie in which geishas, ninjas, samurais and bonzes are fighting. Can she really avenge her father’s death?

Oh, TWO plot descriptions on the poster?

One rainy night in the Edo period, Kotono (a Geisha) confronts samurais who killed her father. The Samurais attack her one after another, but she fights hard against samurais with her sword. Kotono tries to chase the samurai who scramble to escape. Yet now three ninjas stand up against her. Kotono drops her sword by their waves of assault. Can she beat them?

I hope those three ninjas aren’t the Three Ninjas who fought at High Noon at Mega Mountain.

We got poster:
Geisha vs Ninja

The film stars Minami Tsukui, who is this person:
Minami Tsukui

poster from Twitch

Go Ohara is also action director of the upcoming film Oneechanbara: The Movie (aka OneChanbara aka a bunch of other translated spellings of the same name) I also know little about this except it appears to be based on a video game.


Stars these guys:
Satoshi Hakuzen
Manami Hashimoto
Ai Hazuki
Hiroaki Kawatsure
Sari Kurauchi
Tomoya Nagai
Chise Nakamura
Eri Otoguro
Taro Suwa
Tomohiro Waki
Tetsu Watanabe

Official website

A bunch of stills here

Actresses at a press junket:





Here is an example of the wallpaper from the official site:
Onechanbara wallpaper

And they have a trailer and like 90 still images in flash form. This film will be ridiculous! Ridiculously AWESOME!

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