Gothic & Lolita Psycho trailer up

Gothic & Lolita Psycho drops in theaters September 4, if a movie being shown in theaters drops. More like projects September 4. Whatever, it’s another gorefest crazytime awesome film from director Go Ohara (Geisha vs. Ninjas) and has Rina Akiyama as a gothic clothes wearing chick who avenges her mother’s murder by killing tons of people in the name of God. We got an English subbed trailer and a blooper trailer. Needless to say, they are filled with lots of goofy gore, so if you are at a job where you can’t watch goofy gore at work, I guess don’t hit play. Even if you are at a job with a cool boss, you should probably not click because the job environment is pretty bad now and you don’t want to be downsized. In fact, go to your coworker’s computer and load up this page and hit play, get him fired so you are safe!

Via NipponCinema, as usual

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