Go Back To China (Review)

Go Back To China

Go Back To China movie
Written and directed by Emily Ting
Go Back To China movie
Next up on the 2019 CAAMFest slamfest of movies is Go Back To China, a movie about someone who goes back to China. Hold on, because we also have unexpected Richard Ng! Go Back To China has homespun indie cred and delivers a well-trod story (spoiled girl learns responsibility) with new and exciting settings and characters. The film is at its best when Sasha Li (Anna Akana) is still in fish out of water mode, but it unfortunately fails to stick the landing and just sort of ends, which is a darn shame considering the potential it had.

Spoiled trust fund kid Sasha Li can’t get a job and is blowing through her money on parties and shopping, until she is blackmailed by her father Teddy (Richard Ng Yiu-Hon) to return to China to help out at his toy factory, or she’ll be cut off from the rest of the money. Once there, Sasha has to adjust to both a new culture (she was raised in California) and dealing with her cranky father and her many half-siblings. She has an older half-sister, Carol (Lynn Chen – Saving Face), who already had to go back to China and work with dad, as well as two younger siblings from her dad’s next upgrade wife (since divorced, and dad now has a live-in girlfriend with whom he has an “arrangement” with that is the same age as Sasha)

The different aged family members even becomes a plot point, as they both have their own layers of resentment for the families that they were replaced by but also see the same new families get replaced in turn and the kids get filled with the same resentment. Sasha and Carol spar due to both seeing the other as the favored daughter, Carol longing for Sasha’s freedoms while Sasha seeing Carol as just a goody-goody who does whatever dad wants. Teddy shows he still hasn’t learned to be a real father yet when he upsets the next generation of his kids, leading his daughters to have to lead in picking up the mess. As someone with disappointing family members, this is sadly truer than it ever has to be.
Go Back To China movie
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Learn how teen exorcisms are dangerous with High School Possession on Lifetime!

High School Possession Lifetime

I was totally just possessed when I harassed those attractive diminutive perjurers! I’d never do anything like that in now.

Just when you thought Lifetime had run out of things to warn teens and parents about, Lifetime ups the ante! There is teen pregnancy, rainbow parties, evil grandmas, men, friends, new girls at school, being 17, men, the internet, choking, religious men, and men. And now, teenage exorcisms! Yes, High School Possession (aka High School Exorcism) will scare the demons out of your daughter or son if they ever think about hanging around with that exorcism clique. We all had them in high school, wandering the halls throwing holy water on people, speaking in tongues, getting expelled by Principal Satan. Good times.

Lauren is your average high school student. Intelligent and gifted, she’s the student editor of the school newspaper, and as part of her senior year project, she’s doing an expose on each of the school cliques. Her next assignment is to follow Olivia and her church youth group known as “The Chosen”. One night after interviewing them, Lauren stumbles onto The Chosen performing an exorcism on a girl led by Reverend Young. Lauren is horrified but intrigued so she begins to investigate and it seems to have really helped the girl. Meanwhile, Lauren’s best friend Chloe is having trouble and spiraling out of control at home and at school. Her mother has taken her to countless doctors and none of them can clearly diagnose her. The only option remaining is for Chloe to be hospitalized. Lauren realizes that Chloe might be possessed and needs an exorcism. But when Reverend Young refuses to help them Lauren and The Chosen decide to take matters into their own hands…except not all of the girls may be doing this to save Chloe and when it becomes evident that Olivia is performing the ritual to hurt her it’s up to Lauren to truly save Chloe.

High School Possession has a strong as heck cast: Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars, Bratz), Jennifer Stone (Wizards of Waverly Place), Ione Skye (Say Anything…), Kelly Hu (Scorpion King), Shanley Caswell (Detention), and Bailey Anne Borders (Raze). More than enough to get my attention!

It’s directed by Peter Sullivan (Christmas Twister) and written by Hanz Wasserburger (also Christmas Twister), both of which have pedigrees in made-for-tv holiday movies, so that’s the only worrying part. Unless you think of this as a made-for-tv Halloween movie, then it sounds better!

Either way, this looks cool, so I am programming the DVR. High School Possession premieres Saturday, October 25th on Lifetime!
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Asylum takes us to the Age of Tomorrow!

When it comes to busting mocks, Asylum is there, because we all know that busting makes you feel good! Now the sights are set on The Edge of Tomorrow with Age of Tomorrow! Despite the similar title and the plot involving an alien invasion, the films are distinct beasts, with Asylum’s being more of a conspiracy theory mystery alien invasion film.

When the sun strikes an altar hidden within the ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, it creates a beacon that triggers an alien blitzkrieg. Within hours, their ships destroy all the military infrastructure on earth. One anthropologist knows how to repel the invaders, but this secret is buried under the ruins of the Pyramid of the Moon–directly underneath the mothership.

Kelly Hu and Robert Picardo star, along with Matt Mercer and Laura Alexandra Ramos. No trailer has shown up online yet, despite the film’s June 10th release date. We’ll keep you up to date, assuming things look interesting. At the very least, Robert Picardo is always awesome, and there should be shots of alien fleets blowing things up.

Airplane vs Volcano codirector James Kondelik is in the director’s chair, and the writers are Jacob Cooney and Bill Hanstock (both from Apocalypse Pompeii)

If you are unsure about going to an Age of Tomorrow, then you can just visit the World of Tomorrow, which is an alternate title for some overseas markets.

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Age of Tomorrow

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (Review)

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Todd Shaffer as Jim Miller
Tiffany Paulsen as Suzi Donaldson
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Jensen Daggett as Rennie Wickham
Kelly Hu as Eva Watanabe

Jason Voorhees is an icon of horror movies, one of the most recognizable movie monsters in history. His popularity has adversely affected the quality of the sequels, as fans have seen Jason kill and kill again hundreds of times, why would they pay to see the same thing over and over again? The solution seems to be to provide a gimmick for each film. In a previous review (but later release), Jason took to the stars for Jason X. Here, Jason’s gimmick is a trip to New York. However, the gimmick is short-lived, as most of the movie takes place just getting to New York. It’s Jason on a boat! A boat full of high school punks just aching to die. Only one homicidal madman can put them in their place! Sadly, Jason on a boat just isn’t gimmicky enough. Most of the movie is “Been there, done that,” with little new to add, even when Jason gets to New York, most of the time is spent not killing New Yorkers but chasing after the teenagers. This movie should have been set up like The Warriors, except in addition to the freaky gangs chasing the Warriors, Jason is chasing them as well. That is the masterpiece that is yet to be created. One day, a visionary will rise from the ranks and produce that opus. Until then, horror films will continue to feed sites like mine with cannon fodder by the truckload.

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