Apocalypse Pompeii – Asylum decides to destroy Pompeii their way!

One of the biggest destruction porn spectacles of 2014 will be Pompeii. And while Pompeii looks like boring garbage, disaster movies play well on the DTV market. Enter Asylum, and their mockbusters Apocalypse Pompeii!

Apocalypse Pompeii (aka Obsidian) might be one of those interesting Asylum films that’s better than the film it is biting off. But the truth won’t be known until next month, as the DVD/BluRay drops February 18th.

The plot:

When a former Special Ops commando visits Pompeii, his wife and daughter are trapped as Mt. Vesuvius erupts with massive force. While his family fights to survive the deadly onslaught of heat and lava, he enlists his former teammates in a daring operation beneath the ruins of the city of Pompeii.

Special forces team vs. Volcano! Adrian Paul stars along with John Rhys-Davies. It’s directed by Ben Demaree, who has done camera/director of photography work on a ton of genre films (Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Bigfoot, something called Wolf Man vs Piranha Man: Howl of the Piranha that I never knew existed and now need to track down), this is his first full length directorial job.

But if you like seeing stuff get blowed up, people get lavaed, and special forces people running around while shouting “Move move move!”, then Apocalypse Pompeii should fill your needs nicely!

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Apocalypse Pompeii

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