Cat-Beast – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 18

Cat Beast
Just when you thought it was safe to stalk the night, The Infernal Brains Podcast has returned to give you a healthy dose of world cinema knowledge in women dressed as a cat form! Yes, we’re tackling the braintastic Pakistani flick Da Khwar Lasme Spogmay aka Cat-Beast aka essential cinema! Pakistani cinema is a world unto itself, and it’s time for this world to get explored. But that’s not all, there is a brief overview of the different types of Pakistani cinema and discussion of other films from the country, both similar and less than similar. It’s definitely the greatest podcast about a Pakistani film that features a woman who turns into a cat monster to slay Mad Max rejects for revenge directed by a woman that you will listen to this week, so you best not delay!

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Films Discussed:
Da Khwar Lasme Spogmay aka Cat-Beast
**Todd’s Review
**Tars’ Review

Adam Khor
Haseena Atom Bomb
Maula Jat
Adam Khor
Loor Da Bala

International Gorillay aka International Guerillas
**Tars’ Review
**Todd’s Review

***Todd’s book!!!!!!!***
Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema

Other topics:
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