Down the Rabbit Hole with Pearl Cheung Ling – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 12

Pearl Cheung LingThe films of Pearl Cheung Ling/Pearl Chang are pure awesomeness. Pearl Cheung Ling is a rarity because she not only starred in films, she wrote, directed, and produced martial arts cinema at a time where there were almost no female directors period, much less female directors of action cinema. Pearl’s films have a distinctive style unlike any other films out there. Wolf Devil Woman is a title that almost every cult movie fan is familiar with, while her other pictures also share a large number of fans (and antifans!) But very little is known of Pearl Cheung Ling herself. To all it seemed, she appeared one day, made some awesome flicks, and then vanished off the face of the planet. But there is much more to the Pearl Cheung Ling story. The Infernal Brains are tackling this compelling issue, and Tars and Todd have brought in Special Guest Brain DurianDave from SoftFilm! Join us as we delve into the Secret History of Pearl Cheung Ling, her rise to fame and her acting career, what influenced her to create her wonderful films. Of course a story this big can’t be over in just a few minutes, so this is a two-parter episode! Part 1 deals with Pearl’s career and her early films. Part 2 (to be uploaded soon!) will go into a more in-depth discussion about her five creative features and what happened after she left the film industry. It’s a great topic and has information that’s hard to find anywhere in English.

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Films Discussed:
The Protectors / 保鑣 (TV Series)
The Return of the Hero of the Water Front / 小壁虎
Fist of Shao-Lin / 少林高徒
Armed Escort / 保鑣
The Invincible Swordswoman / 冷月孤星針無情
The Heroic Figure aka Men of the Hour / 風雲人物
Witty Hand, Witty Sword / 玲瓏玉手劍玲瓏
The War of the Boundary / 戰天山
My Blade, My Life / 決鬥者的生命
King of Fists and Dollars / 王拳王鍰

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  3. Hi
    I really miss her films as i see few of them. Why she left Most who watched them Is a wonder. I hope there’s more about her, Because she is a fine actress. Shame I seen lots quit early, Not staying on. Hope to hear more about her life.

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