Infernal Brains Podcast – Episode 04 – Turkish Pop Cinema Part 1

The Infernal Brains have returned, for another go-round in the world of cult cinema. Join Tars Tarkas and Todd Stadtman from Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! as they dive into the rich history of Turkish Pop Cinema. You’ve probably seen some of these flicks, with various superheroes Turkey-ized, running around punching people for fifteen minutes straight and bedding everything with a heartbeat and a hole. So join the Infernal Brains as they go over some of the best films Turkey had to offer that featured dudes in costumes.

Soon we’ll have an iTunes feed once things get approved. I also set up PodPress, so we have a podcast feed – – and there is a podcast player down below at the bottom of the post, giving at least three ways to hear it. So no excuses!

And the audio is much improved! What things did we do differently? Absolutely nothing! I can’t explain it, but it happened. During the next round of recordings we’re going to try out a different recording format that should make the audio even better.

Mp3 download link – Right-click, save as

Podcast with stills for those of you who need something to look at:

Movies discussed:
Bedmen Yasara Adam
3 Dev Adam

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