Infernal Brains Podcast – 07 – Insee Daeng

That’s right, it’s another episode of Infernal Brains, the podcast that doesn’t have a catchphrase yet.

In this episode, Tars and Todd discuss the 2010 Thai film Insee Daeng (Red Eagle) and thus get drawn into a discussion of all the prior Insee Daeng films, Thai pulp cinema, what was wrong with Insee Daeng 2010, and what wasn’t so wrong it could have been cool. We also stumble over the pronunciations of more Thai names than you can shake a brain at, but that’s the price we pay. Find out just how awesome Mitr Chaibancha is, learn about old Thai film showings, and the joys of watching unsubtitled films where people talk for most of the running length.

As usual, we got a boatload of choices for you: downloadable mp3, embedded flash with slideshow, embedded audio player, and iTunes feed link so you can just download right to your iPod and listen to people mispronounce Thai names while being bored at work.

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Movies discussed include:
Awasan Insee Daeng
Jao Insee
Insee Thong – Tars VersionTeleport-City version
Insee Payong – Tars VersionFourDK version
Insee Daeng (2010)

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