Space Ladies from Outer Space – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 17

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From the deepest depths of nearby space comes the Infernal Brains Podcast! Join Tars and Todd of FourDK as they explore the surprisingly universal phenomenon of Space Ladies from Outer Space! Featuring an extra-special Guest Brain, Carol Borden from The Cultural Gutter! We scour the globe and cover a vast variety of flicks featuring female alien invaders/cultures that run into problems when Earth men come and mess everything up. It’s a surprisingly populous genre that probably speaks to all sorts of subtextual psychoses, which means there will be plenty to talk about.

As usual, there are more ways to get the episode than you can invade a planet with!

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Carol Borden’s sites:
The Cultural Gutter
Monstrous Industry

Films Discussed:
Cat-women of the Moon
Missile to the Moon
El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras (Planet of the Female Invaders) Tars review Todd review
La Nave de los Monstrous (Ship of Monsters)
Blue Demon Y Las Invasoras
Uçan Daireler Istanbulda (Flying Saucers Over Istanbul) Tars review Todd review

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4 thoughts on “Space Ladies from Outer Space – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 17

  1. This has to be my second favorite episode so far after starman. I actually showed some of my friends ship of monsters, and they had a blast with it. After hearing this episode, I officially call these movies space lady movies. Your podcast is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to hear the next New episode. Speaking of is there one in the works?

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