Starman – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 14

Starman Emerald Council

The Fantastic Four reboot failed to please comic book purists

Starman, a question a child might ask, but not a childish question. Because it’s a children’s movie! Nine of them! Combined into four American versions! Confused? Well, don’t be, because Tars and Todd are back again with another edition of the Infernal Brains Podcast to teach you all you need to know about Japan’s first cinematic super hero. He’s like Prince of Space, except better, because Prince of Space stole from him. Join us for the leaping and the long punching fight sequences and children being chased by witch women and corndog alien costumes and dance numbers. And find out why his girlfriend calls him “Super Giant”!

As usual, we got so many listening choices that even someone who is sickened by Salamander Men interpretive dancing can find a way: downloadable mp3, embedded flash with slideshow, embedded audio player, and iTunes feed link. So many choices, you’ll wave your arms randomly in the air as the Emerald Council decides to send Starman to save you once again!

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Films Discussed:
Starman – Atomic Rulers
Starman – Attack From Space
Starman – Evil Brain From Outer Space
Starman – Invaders From Space

Super Giant (スーパー・ジャイアンツ)
Super Giant Continues (続スーパー・ジャイアンツ)
Super Giant – The Mysterious Spacemen’s Demonic Castle (スーパー・ジャイアンツ 怪星人の魔城)
Super Giant – Earth on the Verge of Destruction (スーパー・ジャイアンツ 地球滅亡寸前)
Super Giant – The Artificial Satellite and the Destruction of Humanity (スーパー・ジャイアンツ 人工衛星と人類の破滅)
Super Giant – The Spaceship and the Clash of the Artificial Satellite (スーパー・ジャイアンツ 宇宙艇と人工衛星の激突)
Super Giant – The Space Mutant Appears (スーパー・ジャイアンツ 宇宙怪人出現)
Super Giant Continues – The Devil’s Incarnation (続スーパー・ジャイアンツ 悪魔の化身)
Super Giant Continues – The Poison Moth Kingdom (続スーパー・ジャイアンツ 毒蛾王国)

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Starman Super Giant

Starman is Buffalo Bill?!?! It all makes sense..

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