Through the Looking Glass with Pearl Cheung Ling – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 13

Pearl Cheung Ling

Two Pearls for Part 2!

As we mentioned during the last episode of the Infernal Brains, this is a huge two-part series in discussion of the films of Pearl Cheung Ling. And now, Tars, Todd, and Special Guest Brain DurianDave from SoftFilm are back to get into the meaty gritty wolfy famous films of Pearl Cheung Ling! Find out everything you never knew you needed to know about the films Pearl directed and wrote. Be amazed as her creative vision comes to life and made a mark on the world of cinema that will never be duplicated.

As usual, we got so many listening choices that even someone who randomly transforms into white haired crazy woman can find a way: downloadable mp3, embedded flash with slideshow, embedded audio player, and iTunes feed link. So many choices, you’ll run away in terror to save your baby!

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DurianDave returns again in cat form!

Fuck yeah, Pearl Chang!

Films Discussed:
My Blade, My Life – Todd Review
Miraculous Flower / Phoenix The Ninja – Tars ReviewTodd Review
Matching Escort / Fury of the Silver Fox – Tars ReviewTodd Review
Wolf Devil Woman – Todd Review
Dark Lady of Kung Fu – Tars ReviewTodd Review
General Invincible – Todd Review

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4 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass with Pearl Cheung Ling – Infernal Brains Podcast Episode 13

  1. Love your podcasts. I’ve often wondered about Pearl, and this podcast answers a lot of my questions. I live in the U.K, which is very frustrating if you’re into these cult far-east films. As far as I know, the only Pearl Cheung film currently available in the U.K is “Fantasy Mission Force”. A few years ago, a budget label released “Matching Escort”, which blew my mind. I would love to see “Wolf Devil Woman”.

    • If you like Matching Escort, Wolf Devil Woman will knock your socks off so hard they’ll impact into the moon at the speed of light. This might cause massive damage to the moon, so I suggest watching Wolf Devil Woman without socks. But do watch it if you can.

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