Glenn Beck slimes his way into movie production

Glenn Beck My Little Pony Brony

As you may have guessed from the numerous articles over the years slamming Glenn Beck, we do not think too highly of him here at TarsTarkas.NET. But Glenn Beck is good at one thing, and that’s grifting right wingers out of money. After getting booted from FoxNews for just being too darn crazy, Beck set up his own television station, GBTV, which eventually merged with his other media works into the channel TheBlaze (under parent company Mercury Radio Arts). Now Mercury Radio Arts is expanding to the world of film, a world Beck has toyed with before thanks to some one night only theatrical productions (such as Man in the Moon)

Now it will be full force, with Mercury Radio Arts having acquired The Studios at Las Colinas and prepping three films. The only details THR had on those films at the moment are one is set in ancient history, one in modern history, and one is faith-based. National Review had more information on two of them. One will deal with the real story of Christmas, and complain about Christmas being too commercialized. I don’t know, that sounds like Commie talk to me! Where’s the Free Market, Glenn? Another film will vilify Thomas Edison, which probably could be a cool story done by anyone else ever. But I will find joy in Glenn Beck making a hitpiece against a capitalist that he would be defending

In addition, other films are projected for longer term, including a film based on Beck’s book The Christmas Sweater, which was optioned to Sony, but they’ve bought the rights back.

Whatever the results may be, here’s hoping Glenn Back finds the same success in producing films that Rick Santorum found when he got involved in Echolight Studios and lost a lot of money as The Christmas Candle flopped. Then again, God’s Not Dead made $40 million, and Heaven is For Real just came out in theaters, so I don’t have a box office tally for that.

Being that this is Glenn Beck, the films will certainly be insane and somehow feature a lot of Glenn Beck, because it’s all about Glenn Beck for Glenn Beck. And they will be trainwrecks! Get your popcorn!

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The Right Wing nuts at Liberty Council made a film – Uncommon!

Liberty Counsel was founded in 1989 by attorneys Mathew and Anita Staver, who are still involved today as Chairman and President, respectively. They handle a lot of “religious liberty” cases, which means they fight for discrimination against minorities such as gays under the basis or religious freedom. Liberty Counsel is closely affiliated with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. They are currently defending Russia’s anti-gay laws in the media as we build up to the Winter Olympics.

My favorite ridiculous thing Liberty Council has done is prevent a public library from giving out a “Hogwarts’ Certificate of Accomplishment” to students who read one of J.K. Rowling’s books under the basis that “witchcraft is a religion”.

Mat Staver is a guy totally obsessed with gay marriage and how it will turn everyone gay. Repressively obsessed, if you get what I am hinting. So of course he has a speaking part in the movie!

The film Uncommon is a feature-length, narrative motion picture starring Erik Estrada (CHiP’s), Ben Davies (Courageous), Irma P. Hall (Soul Food), and Grammy Award-winning Christian Musician Jason Crabb that highlights the struggles of a group of students at fictional Rosewood High School. Fighting overwhelming challenges, the teens struggle against political correctness to defend their privilege to worship, meet, and perform. Will months of constant bullying by the establishment defeat the production and dismantle their faith? Armed with expert legal counsel, these teens realize what it means to be . . . Uncommon!

I wonder just how cartoonish will the bullies be in the film? I’m guessing hilariously!

“Religious liberty in public school is certainly a fitting topic for our first feature film,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Many of the calls Liberty Counsel receives are from parents and students whose speech and religious viewpoints are being censored in the public schools.”

Uncommon premieres on February 1 at Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia, and it’s free if you’re into that sort of thing. JC Films produced in association with Liberty Counsel.

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Actual Right Wing Extremist LC card via RWW:

Liberty Counsel Right Wing Extremist

Atlas returns to shrug yet again.

Cooking with oatmeal Bert

A much better book to read!

And the audience will shrug back. The never-popular Atlas Shrugged franchise has begun production on Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt?, and the plan is to get the film into theaters by September, thus influencing the 2014 elections just like Atlas Shrugged Part II influenced 2012 and prevented Obama from ever becoming president.

Oh, wait…

As is tradition (because of incompetence!), the entire cast of Part III will be different than Part II, which was different from Part I. Free market, baby!

John Galt will be played by Kristoffer Polaha, while Laura Regan is Dagny Taggart 3.0, and Rob Morrow is Hank Rearden.

Smart readers will recall that Atlas Shrugged: Part III is partially funded by begging for donations, after failing to ignite the box office during either of the first two parts (Part I made $4.6 million and Part II made $3.3 million!) This welfare queen irony is not lost on Ayn Rand, who spent the last years of her life broke and on government assistance. Because free market, baby! Where would we be if it wasn’t for wingnut welfare keeping useless hacks employed writing things bashing the common man? Much better off.

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What started as a single random article making fun of some idiots on Resistnet has spawned into a multi-author collaboratorial event that basically took over the blog section of TarsTarkas.NET. Thus, TarsTarkas.NET Blog became the hot new place to talk about politics and what dumb things teabaggers were doing this week. We’ve been featured on,, and even helped bring down a crazy Freeper’s Congressional dreams. TarsTarkas.NET shatters dreams for breakfast. We’ve also gotten a crazy legal threat, proving we’ve made it!

As our ultimate goal is self-improvement, it has been decided that the best way for the political articles to prosper is for them to be housed on a blog focused entirely on the political stuff. Thus, Politisink was born! The domain was an older, failed attempt to do a politics blog back in 2006 that I abandoned when I went to grad school. I am sure maybe two people in the world know that, and one of them is married to me. Now, Politisink is repurposed as the new site that will keep an eye on crazy mofos and the crazy stuff they want to do to our country. The Wingnut Web and other political articles will now be posted there (though what has appeared here will remain as I am far too lazy to move everything over) while the TarsTarkas.NET Blog will go back to posting cult movie news, Karen Mok photos, Battle Beast things, and other weird stuff that I see fit (until some other random article balloons up into a cultural phenomenon and takes over the blog again!) Don’t worry, there will be plenty of cross-promotion so those who don’t start checking Politisink out right away can catch up, and for those of you who will skip right by this article because it doesn’t have a picture of a hot chick or posts from morons on message boards in it. Actually, let’s just throw in crazy picture for old times sake!

Frog King not care for your freedoms, only tasty flies!

That’s better! Now, the writers here will be joining us at Politisink, both dm and skiplogic are already contributing away. Soon I’ll try to add on a few more, because, why not? That’s how you become an internet powerhouse and

So in conclusion, check out, where politics circles the drain!

EDIT: Okay, I rewrote part of this because it sucked!

Wingnut Web and the Husband Who Invented Everything

Boy, sure attracts the smartest people in the universe. Just check out what the “grassroots” organization’s typical member is capable of, and you will realized us liberals are doomed. DOOMED!!!

Yep, a 190 IQ, self-taught quantum physics, and universities pay him to build stuff for them.

FYI, to have a 190 IQ is so rare it is literally about 1/1,000,000,000. Yes, that is 1 in a billion.

But wait!

Helene and her husband have the power to convince anyone anything political because of magnets, and they REFUSE to work for IBM! Refuse!

Her husband invented everything ever

Her husband invented oxygen. Her husband invented Robocop. Her husband is the Chuck Norris of inventors.

He also invented it all for free!

Her husband knows your name and address. Her husband travels around the country and punches readers of TarsTarkas.NET in the nose. In fact, her husband is outside my door right now..

All geniuses talk to ghosts. Einstein wouldn’t stop talking to Napoleon.

Mary Patterson also has a 190 IQ husband who knows everything!

Also, when the Chinese broke into his computer he called NASA to warn them, because the Chinese would really target some random guy and NASA would really care that they did.

As you can see, this level of unstoppable supergenius cannot be countered by us Liberals, so we might as well give up now. This stuff is all true, and there is no way that the only thing invented was the lies her husband told her.

Wingnut Web is on the march!

We’re moving! Wingnut Web and the other political posts will soon be hosted on their very own spin-off blog! That way, we can focus on two separate high-quality sites instead of one high-quality site that has weird visitation demographics. Who knew a few random articles would evolve into something so big? And we’ll still be covering all the hate sites you know and love, and much much more. Once the initial setup is completed, we will be dropping links to the new location. Often. Lots of times. So much you will dream about the links to the new site every night. They will haunt you. Steal your soul. Sell it on ebay to a guy named TurnipLover44. He’ll leave bad feedback and there will be PayPal disputes. Lawsuits. Arguments before the Supreme Court. Where’s the Birth Certificate, TurnipLover44?