Wingnut Web and the Husband Who Invented Everything

Boy, sure attracts the smartest people in the universe. Just check out what the “grassroots” organization’s typical member is capable of, and you will realized us liberals are doomed. DOOMED!!!

Yep, a 190 IQ, self-taught quantum physics, and universities pay him to build stuff for them.

FYI, to have a 190 IQ is so rare it is literally about 1/1,000,000,000. Yes, that is 1 in a billion.

But wait!

Helene and her husband have the power to convince anyone anything political because of magnets, and they REFUSE to work for IBM! Refuse!

Her husband invented everything ever

Her husband invented oxygen. Her husband invented Robocop. Her husband is the Chuck Norris of inventors.

He also invented it all for free!

Her husband knows your name and address. Her husband travels around the country and punches readers of TarsTarkas.NET in the nose. In fact, her husband is outside my door right now..

All geniuses talk to ghosts. Einstein wouldn’t stop talking to Napoleon.

Mary Patterson also has a 190 IQ husband who knows everything!

Also, when the Chinese broke into his computer he called NASA to warn them, because the Chinese would really target some random guy and NASA would really care that they did.

As you can see, this level of unstoppable supergenius cannot be countered by us Liberals, so we might as well give up now. This stuff is all true, and there is no way that the only thing invented was the lies her husband told her.

14 thoughts on “Wingnut Web and the Husband Who Invented Everything

  1. I’m actually a killer robot journalist from the space-times and i have 179 doctorates. This is still a more plausible claim that the crazy bitch is claiming.

  2. Hey Frankie! Just got in the door, checking emails and found I have a *perp* alert on my ID, bro…*ruffling* yer hairs…nice goatee you got growing there.

    Is that a mcsoul patch gonads duster ya got growing under yer lower lip?

    Just had to see what yer bitching about this time around. I see some jacka$$ is using an old uncover ID of mine….HM!

    It wouldn’t be you now, would it Frankie? Huh? Huh?

    Tars! skippomatic! How ya been doing? Been a while, girls. Man, oh man that’s some real primo stuff ya got there! Is that rocket scientist one of yours by any chance?

    *giggle snort*

  3. Can’t wait to hear more. I’m guess the following scenarios:

    1) Her husband should have invented Clozapine
    2) She doesn’t take her meds and her husband is just one of her many chronic hallucinations
    3) Her husband doesn’t take his meds and believes all of this and his wife believes him, too.
    4) Someone with a really good imagination, a really wicked sense of humor, AND too much time on their hands is just having a little fun messing with the gullible right-wing unwashed masses.
    5) She, being a member of Resistnet, is gulllible, right-wing, and unwashed AND her husband is messing with her.
    6) Any combination of the above
    7) ALL of the above

    Wonder what is really going through Erick’s mind…….

  4. Hi Frankie,

    You caught me. Bet I had you going for a minute didn’t I?

    In any event, I have contacted Dreamhost and the property government authorities about your posts. I’m sure you will understand since you love our government nowadays and would love to be a part of their enslavement.

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  6. Man, she’s a quick one isn’t she. Only took her 2 months and she still can’t follow the thread properly. Yeah, and what Tars said…

  7. How do we know that YOU are not an embittered ex-ResistNet blogger and made up ‘HELENE’ to make them look bad? Funny, I can’t seem to find a blog like that on their site.

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