Batbabe: The Dark Nightie (Review)

Batbabe: The Dark Nightie

Written by John Bacchus and Michael Raso
Directed by John Bacchus

Seduction Cinema strikes again, putting out two super-hero themed erotic parodies to cash in on the summer of the super-hero, the Iron Man parody The Insatiable IronBabe was the other. We’re focusing on Batbabe: The Dark Nightie this time out, because that’s the one we have a copy of!

One of the least erotic erotic movies I have ever seen, it is basically a parody film with naked chicks and dildos. Although I don’t think anyone was going into this expecting high art, there were probably some late night watchers who were expecting it to be a bit sexy. But Batbabe is not the type of softcore film you would be watching with your girlfriend or wife, it’s more of the film you watch alone, or with a group of guys. It does have plenty of lame jokes, and the entire film is just one long filthy joke. And there is an audience for that, so they get what they want. I believe there is a place in the world for films like Batbabe, and will not disparage the people who would watch it. Heck, we enjoyed Seduction Cinema’s Kinky Kong, but were less impressed with their outings Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet, Vampire Vixens, and That 70′s Girl.

One can probably go on a long essay about turning a dark film such as The Dark Knight into a softcore comedy, with the many themes or elements borrowed, missing, or twisted. But this will not be such an essay, because that essay would probably be boring and focus too much on The Dark Knight, a film that’s been analyzed to death by internet message boards.

Batbabe/Wendy Wayne (Darian Caine) – Wendy Wayne is a stripper by day and Batbabe by night. Which probably loses her all the big bucks as the high-paying customers are at night. Crime-fighting doesn’t pay. Darian Caine is also in the reviewed Kinky Kong and Vampire Vixens.
Luscious Foxx (Smoke Williams) – Batbabe’s Lucius is her strip club manager Luscious, but he still gives her cool gadgets and sage advice.
The Jerker (Rob Mandara) – The Jerker likes to jerk. His wang. This appears to be Rob Mandara’s only role to date.
DA Henrietta Bent (Molly Heartbreaker) – Bent bends both ways and flips a coin to see who is on top! Molly Heartbreaker is easily recognizable in any sex scene due to the flames tattooed on her boobs. Had a small role in Kinky Kong, and who could forget her role in Topless Tapioca Wrestling?
Commissioner Boredom (John Paul Fedele as Clancy Fitzsimmons) – When there is a big case in Bacchum City, you can be assured Commissioner Boredom knows about it and still has no trouble going to sleep instead of doing anything!

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Kinky Kong (Review)

Kinky Kong

Directed by John Bacchus

Seduction Cinema vs. King Kong! It is a softcore King Kong erotic parody that actually does a good job of following the plot of King Kong. It was much more close than I was expecting, which was a great surprise. Seduction Cinema does put out a lot of garbage, but there are many jewels in the rough, and I am happy to report this is one of them. Kinky Kong was filmed after Misty Mundae left to pursue other options, so she won’t be joining us, though other Seduction Cinema regulars are present. John Bacchus and Seduction Cinema have a rich history of ultra-low budget softcore produtions, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the group, you have a lot of catching up to do. Try our reviews of That 70’s Girl, Bikini Girls On Dinosaur Planet, or Vampire Vixens to get acquainted with the production company. Then consult your local library. After you get kicked out of the library, consult your local internet. Just be sure to turn off the safe-search function.

This is not the first erotic King Kong film. Ignoring all those movies where girls just bone normal sized apes (a surprising amount of films, by the way) there are actual King Kong hardcore porns. The most famous is 1985’s King Dong, directed by Yancy Hendrieth and starring Crystal Holland.

Normally the Seduction Cinema sex scenes are incredibly long, to the point where I just list the time instead of mentioning the action. Someone must have set some standards, as now most of the sex scenes are exactly four minutes long. This ruins my time counting gimmick, so I guess I’ll have to go watch some of their older films to go back to that fun. Oh, well. Let me find my DVD of Playmate of the Apes

Seymoure Ass (John Fedele) – The director who has the idea for their madcap adventure. Super flatulent, and has a ridiculous 1920s Brooklyn accent throughout the film.
Fannie Sparrow (Sabrina Faire) – Fannie Sparrow is the Ann Darrow, the girl Seymoure saves from shoplifting to star in his own film set on an island where there is a giant ape.
Charlina (Darian Caine) – This tough girl is the cook on the ship and also a lesbian extrodanaire. She knows that every situation can be solved with some lesbian sex. And she is right. See Darian Caine in Batbabe if you dare…
Brunhilda Patel (AJ Khan) – One of the native girls on the island who was starring in her own movie, and becomes one of Kinky Kong’s objects of affection. Another lesbian because you can’t have too many lesbians. See AJ Khan in Vampire Vixens and That 70’s Girl.
Jack Friskell (Duane Polcou) – John Driscoll is no hero now, instead being a sailor who is distrustful of women. So much he plays for the other team. Is in love with Kinky Kong, but Kong spurs his advances.
Kinky Kong (Dan Schwab) – He’s kinky. He’s kooky. He’s all together Kongy. He’s Kinky Kong, and he’s got a diaper full of love for every girl on the planet! No one can measure up to Kong, literally! Trapped on Bone Island, Kinky Kong is soon set free in New York City where the opportunities to live up to his given name are endless!
T-Rex (CGI and a rubber mask) – This Tyrannosaurus looks like he has a couple of branches missing from his family tree! His bad vibes almost ruin a perfectly good bout of lesbian sex, so Kinky Kong is forced to administer jungle law to keep the T-Rex from ruining everything. Kinky Kong is successful.

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Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet (Review)

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Misty Mundae (Erin Brown) as Oook
Tina Krause (Mia Copia) as Eegads
Ruby Larocca as Eeek and Dr. Ruby
Cherry Moonshine (Zoe Moonshine) as Captain Moonshine
Lilly Tiger as Una
Directed by William Hellfire
Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet
Seduction Cinema is at it again, putting out another cheesefest under the guess of a parody/sex film. Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet is exceptional in one respect, it’s exceptionally awful, agonizing, excruciating pain. Despite its short running time of 53 minutes, this joins the many many many other Seduction Cinema films that have scripts around three pages long, and just throw in lengthy lesbian sex scenes to fill the rest of the gap. Vampire Vixens and That 70’s Girl both had a minimum of plot and a maximum of lengthy sex scenes that became uninteresting. BGODP (as we’ll call it from now on) does manage to not have sex scenes run longer for more than six minutes, so that is the only advantage it has over its contemporaries. This advantage is ruined by the many long scenes and toilet humor. The toilet humor involving farting, crapping, and burping dinosaurs, as well as cave girls throwing other cave girls into giant puddles of crap, are an insult to toilet humor. One can only imagine the Toilet Duck of commercials past is mobilizing an army of duck weapons to take down this threat to toilets everywhere. Unfortunately, Toilet Duck seems to have been replaced by a CGI monstrosity! Jerks!

The basic plot is prehistoric lesbians do some lesbian things, while watched by space lesbians. Also, some dinosaurs engage in bodily functions. As per Seduction Cinema standard on TarsTarkas.NET, I shall be documenting the length of the sex scenes, because most of them aren’t interesting enough to pay attention to besides that.

Now, I am not knocking the acting talents of the four ladies who play cavewomen, but as none of them speak anything besides repeating “Oook” and “caca” over and over, there isn’t much dialogue in the film. To make up for that, the writers concocted that the lesbian cavewomen were being observed by lesbian scientists, probably from the lesbian galaxy. This means that Captain Ruby narrates for 90% of the film that sex or cavegirl “oook”ing isn’t going on. Thus Captain Ruby has long speeches that are supposed to be humorous in a campy way, but just end up being humorous in a WTF? way. Some of those gems will be pointed out when we get to them. She also manages to give some of her speeches while she’s supposed to be being eaten out by her pilot, Captain Moonshine. Uhhhh…there’s a nasty joke here, but I won’t be venturing into that territory!

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Instead, let’s just venture into the film at large! First, the cast, which was difficult to piece together, as IMDB is wrong again, and several actresses are going by different names. The whole thing is a mess, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got something wrong as well.

Oook (Misty Mundae) – Seduction Cinema mainstay Misty Mundae is around again, utilized in stock shots filmed years ago and scraped together into a “film”. As Misty Mundae and gone on to act under her real name Erin Brown in more mainstream horror, she won’t be in any of the newer Seduction Cinema films. Thus we will be forced to watch every frame of film she was recorded on be re-edited into new films, probably for decades to come. Oook does nothing in the film except pick nits and have lesbian sex.
Eegads (Mia Copia) – As Mia Copia quit softcore films around 2000, that should tell you how long this 2005 movie stayed on the shelf. Or maybe that’s how long it took to do the special effects! The Queen of the prehistoric lesbian cavegirls. Is not fond of males or male-like thinking.
Una (Lily Tiger) – Una is a cavegirl lesbian who gets excited when other prehistoric lesbians eat fruit. Attempts to rape Eeek after a crazed fruit-high that makes her think like a man.
Eeek (Ruby Larocca) – Eek the Cat? No, Eeek the Prehistoric Lesbian! Oddly enough, Captain Ruby fails to comment on why prehistoric lesbian Eeek looks so much like her… Proving that even in prehistoric times, one could get magenta hair dye, nose rings, and racing stripe bikini waxings.
Captain Moonshine (Zoe Moonshine aka Cherry Moonstone) – Captain Moonshine is the lead researcher studying prehistoric lesbians. Science has never had so many lesbian orgies since the famouse Darwin Orgies of 1884. For some reason is a big fan of rape.
Dr. Ruby (Ruby Larocca) – Same actress as Eeek, but don’t let that fool you, as these scenes were filmed years later. She’s also called the captain of the ship, so the whole naming scheme comes to a crashing mess. Enjoys munching on beef curtains.

The credits will get a mention, with names flying by for the actresses, then suddenly the credit speed increases threefold with the rest of the crew. Since they seemed to be desperate to pad this thing, why did they sprint through the last half of the credits? Makes no sense! Gah! This whole film just doesn’t work!

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

The film begins in an episode of Babylon 5. Seriously. The Babylon 5 jumpgate activates, and a space vessel flies out. I guess Babylon 5 has stopped worrying about Shadow Wars and Chekov because now all they do is look for lesbians to study. A voiceover gives the orders to the ship to seek out and record some primitive lesbian communities. I want to apply for this research grant. Anyway, we cut inside the vessel, where Dr. Moonshine explains to us that prehistoric lesbians could become violently chaotic if threatened. That’s good to know, don’t threaten prehistoric lesbians. Both her and ship officer Captain Ruby hope to witness acts of debauchery, as does the audience, I gather. Dr. Moonshine tells us much of this while speaking directly to the audience, reminding one of YouTube and Vlogging. Vlogging being the dumbest word ever invented, but besides that point, I will characterize all of Captain Moonshine’s communiqués with the audiences as Lonelygirl13 + Lesbians = Lesbiangirl13. I’d subscribe! Wait, no I wouldn’t…
bikini girls dinosaur planet
As the CGI planet shows, this Dinosaur Planet has the same continent configuration as Earth, which means it is either: Not prehistoric, Not Dinosaur Planet, or Not produced by a company that cares for accuracy like that. After some connections issues (they are using the tiniest TV in the world) we go down to the surface, where some CGI dinosaurs go by. To say they are historically accurate would mean I would have to lie. TarsTarkas.NET has a policy of brutal honesty, so we’ll just say these dinosaurs look worse than the old Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs line.

Down on the planet, there is a magenta-haired cavewoman named Eeek who looks mysteriously like Dr. Ruby… Eeek is accosted by some random cavedude with trim blonde hair and a penchant for making wacky faces, and Eeek smashes his face with his own spear. This produces QUITE a lot of blood on the unconscious male aggressor. The lesbian cavedweller Misty Mundae (Oook) and Lily Tiger (Una) are picking nits off each other, when Eeek wanders by. “A lesbian cavedweller will never refuse a fellow lesbian in need” we are told by Dr. Ruby, and of course what this needy lesbian cavedweller needed was sex with two other girls. Lesbian Cavedwellers: Always helping others. So the first sex scene begins, where the two girls go to town on newcomer Eeek. Full frontal for both Eeek and Misty, while Una is given the shaft. After four minutes of action, Cavegirl Number 4 comes along, she is the queen, Eegads. Eegads comes equipped with a cave dildo that she shoves into Eeek. Or so it seems, as this attempt to simulate penetration is laughable at best. Two more minutes of this add up to six whole minutes of sex scene. Captain Ruby and Dr. Moonshine are enthralled, and stare intently. The cavegirls finish up and go back to doing what lesbian cavegirls do when not munching carpet: picking fruit.

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Luckily for them, someone left some kiwi fruit just lying around the forest, and they start eating. “Fruit – nature’s aphrodisiac!” – Captain Moonshine. Dr. Moonshine then goes on a long speech about the importance of foreplay. The lesbian cavegirls eat more and more fruit, becoming more and more horny, as fruit is known to do. While Captain Ruby plays with her dirty pillows, Una sees Eeek eating a kiwi, and becomes stimulated by the fruit eating action. Dr. Moonshine tells us Una’s mind becomes like a man’s mind, and Una moves in for some sex. Some violently aggressive sex, and Una wants to take it by any means necessary. “I think that is wonderful!” says Captain Moonshine. Hold the phone, is Dr. Moonshine advocating lesbian rape? Lesbian rape due to warping Malcolm X quotes? What in the world of Dinosaur Planet is going on here?

Dr. Moonshine is also getting her muff dived by Dr. Ruby, so maybe she’s not quite in her right mind. We jump back and forth between the attempted sex on the planet and the spaceship sex on the spaceship, three minutes each, adding up to six minutes. The Queen cavegirl Eegads throws Una off Eeek, and the two fight. The fight is intercut with a triceratops farting. Yeah. Queen Eegads then goes up to Eeek and then they have sex. Sex that is interrupted by farting dinosaurs. Seriously. A sentence I thought I’d never write, but there it is. Farting, crapping dinosaurs. Dino-diarrhea. Four minutes of sex topped off with dinosaur defecation. Bleh.

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Captain Moonshine is obsessed with rape. “Too bad, I was hoping that she would take into consideration that this girl could be sexually repressed and allow her to gain fulfillment by completely disregarding her actions.” That is the quote of the century, right there.

Eeek needs to go take a crap as well. Please, movie, don’t show her pooping as well! Please, movie, I beg you! BEGGGGGG!!! Thankfully, Eeek runs behind a tree, but not before putting her bikini bottoms on the middle of the forest floor near a big puddle of mud. Queen Eegads and the rest of the Bikini Girls finds the bottoms and assume that Eeek has fallen into the pit, and they get sticks to try and get her out. Eeek returns and laughs at them, because the mud is really crap, and keeps saying “caca”. I’ve seen YouTube videos better than this. Why have I mentioned YouTube twice in this review? Damn YouTube!

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

“As disgusting as this display of events may seem, it certainly serves a valid purpose” says Captain Moonshine. Yeah, it pads the film!!! Dr. Moonshine continues by telling us that Eeek thinks she can get away with anything, so the group will retaliate, making an example of her to other mad lesbians. I guess mad lesbians are a common problem on Dinosaur Planet. The lesbians will play a trick on her, then they will all have a big sex-o-thon. The cavegirls throw Eeek into the caca!

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Facefirst and naked, Eeek lands with a splat. She stops moving for a bit, then gets up. Back in the spaceship, Captain Ruby and Dr. Moonshine have stopped paying attention to the action and are just getting it on, Buster and Babs style. Hey, Captain Ruby is pierced! Three minutes of spaceship sex, while down below they take Eeek to get washed off, which quickly turns into a lesbian foursome. Maybe even moresome, as the ending has footage which I am told is from Erotic Survivor, a film I haven’t seen and have no desire to. But at least the mud in that film is probably mud, and not dinosaur crap. Between the sex below and pooping back in on the spaceship, we add five more minutes to the running time before the credits roll, and then the film keeps going and going with the stock shots.

Conclusions by Captain Moonshine: “It was far more fulfilling to be a lesbian cavedweller 2000 years before Christ than a human consumer in the present.” Where to start with that statement? How about I respond by just ending the review! Take that, Dr. Ruby, Doctor of Internet Degrees!

Fun fact: fossilized dinosaur poop is known as coprolite. Fun fact: so is this movie.

Rated 1/10 (A pool of steaming crap)

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Vampire Vixens (Review)

Vampire Vixens

Mia Copia (Tina Krause) as Dracoola
AJ Khan as Diane Shelton
John Fedele as Wally Van Helsing
Misty Mundae as A Lesbian
Elizabeth Hitchcock
Zack Snygg as Eugene
Directed by John Bacchus

Seduction Cinema pumps out film after film each year, all with the same formula: A loosely defined plot that spoofs a popular film happens haphazardly around half a dozen or so lesbian sex scenes that average seven minutes or so. This film….follows that formula. The second entry into their filmography on our site (That 70’s Girl was the first) complete with the important details: Misty Mundae and AJ Khan. Mainly, Misty Mundae for the name draw, but AJ Khan pulls in the fans of the minor characters like myself. John Bacchus continues his streak of Seduction Cinema films with what is a follow-up to the 1998 film Vampire Seduction. Or so the intro tells us, I’ve never seen the original. Because the film has a plot so simplistic it was probably suggested by a local kindergartener, the film needs all the padding it can get, and if some of that padding is in the bras that quickly drop to the floor off of the supporting cast, so much the better. The two male characters seem to be competing for the title of Nerdiest Nerd, and both would be declared winners. It’s fun in a goofy way to watch them overact so much they travel back in time. Trust me, that comment makes sense when you’ve seen the film. The title villainess is Dracoola, who was from the previous film. She must also exist in plural form, because the movie promises “Vampire Vixens” yet Dracoola is the only Vampire. There are plenty of other vixens, so it is conceivable that one or two of them just happen to be vampires as well, but the subject is never brought up. Therefore, the movie does not deliver on it’s title promise. When I see Transformers, I see Transformers; when I see Crash, I see some crashes (both versions); when I see Robocop, I see someone who is part man, part machine, all cop. Don’t tempt me with false promises.

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That 70’s Girl (Review)

That 70’s Girl

Misty Mundae as Petal
Julian Wells as Ashleigh
Kelli Summers (Suzi Lorraine) as Jennifer
AJ Khan as Mandy
John Link as Househunter

Misty Mundae has become synonymous with soft-core lesbian sex flicks that are spoofs of popular culture. Her and Seduction Cinema seem to pump out five or six a year, probably produced over a period of three days each. This one doesn’t even seem to have taken three hours to make. The pattern of goofy jokes followed by lesbian sex is fine in practice, but several times in this movie the jokes in between last one sentence, to be followed by fifteen minute long sex scenes that are played on quarter speed. The fact that Misty Mundae pumps out five of these a year, many with much better production values, jokes, and scenes of women aardvarking in groups of twos, threes, and eighty-sevens, hurts this film, and the fact it clocks in at under 50 minutes long is another strike. The charm of this film is if you find the hippie lifestyle and That 70s Show attractive enough that you want to see the Skinimax version.
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