AE: Apocalypse Earth – Asylum gets in on the After Earth craze!

Bali Rodriguez AE Apocalypse Earth

We are green on this planet, not blue. Death to blue!

If you were worried The Asylum didn’t have their own after Earth mockbuster, put your fears to rest. AE: Apocalypse Earth stars Adrian Paul and Richard Grieco, and follows the adventures of people who have left a ruined Earth:

A group of refugees from Earth land on an exotic planet, where they must fight ruthless aliens to survive.

May 28th is the release date, Thunder Levin directs and writes (he did the same for American Warships and also wrote the upcoming Sharknado!)

Costa Rican model Bali Rodriguez plays a mysterious woman who is green.

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AE Apocalypse Earth

Almighty Thor – Discount Puppet Explosion 411 – Episode 110

It’s Discount Puppet Explosion 411! Two teams battle to review B-movies.

In this episode, Team Bastards deals with Thor. Not the big budget Thor that was boring and bland, but the low-rent Thor that has guns and whines all the time. But there’s dinosaurs! And giant dogs! And Richard Grieco! And some chick! Will Whiny Thor make Team Bastards declare war against Thursdays? Find out!

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2 Headed Shark Attack!! plus Almighty Thor trailer

Wait, WHAT???? I was just checking in on the Asylum to see the new Thor mockbuster trailer when suddenly I saw their coming soon list had…2 Headed Shark Attack! No other info is available at this time. Two heads are deader than one!

Also here is the trailer for Almighty Thor:

Yes, you saw Thor shooting an uzi at dinosaurs in the middle of a city.

Almighty Thor coming May 7 on Syfy. Richard Grieco is Loki. Kevin Nash is some guy.