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RiffTrax takes on another classic with Dinosaurus! Faithful friends of awesome cinema will remember this as the film where an Allosaurus fights a steam shovel, and also there is a Brontosaurus (suck it, Apatosaurus lovers!) and a Caveman running around. And an annoying kid. Damn that kid! Never fear, there are plenty of offensive ethnic stereotypes, and the main villain looks like Big Daddy from The Simpsons’ Spinoff Showcase!

Buy it today on RiffTrax.com before you become frozen in time!

Also a bunch of older VOD titles have been put up on Hulu+ if you are into paying for streaming content in plus format.

TarsTarkas.NET handled Dinosaurus! waaaaay back in 2005, when there still was the occasional dinosaur running around. Now the only dinosaur is this site….

Time for Dinosaurus! Not to be confused with Dinosaur U.S., the traveling show where patriotic velociraptors do a leggy synchronized dance to entertain the troops. No, Dinosaurus is a vintage 60s monster flick, complete with a caveman and drunk-looking stop motion dinosaurs (or are they dinosauruses? It’s never quite clear). The dinos find themselves unfrozen on an island chock full of stereotypes (stereotypuses?) including a square-jawed hero, a fat man-child sidekick named Dumpy, a kid who knows what’s really going on but gosh, gee golly, nobody will listen to him, and O’Leary, an Irishman so drunk and cartoonish he single-handedly inspired the formation of the Irish Anti-Defamation League. And, last but not least, the Island Manager (which is apparently a thing) whose hat and beard and general sliminess might just remind you of a certain fella whose interests include keeping the Master happy and slow pizza delivery.

It’s not about DinosaurMe, it’s not about DinosaurYou, it’s about DinosaurUs. We love this one and think you will too, join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Dinosaurus!

Dinosaurus RiffTrax

Here is a cool French Dinosaurus poster because why not?
Dinosaurus Poster French

T Rex relative Lythronax argestes is the Gore King!

Lythronax argestes

Lythronax argestes is A, and Teratophoneus curriei is B

The Tyrannosaurus rex family continues to expand with this new species, Lythronax argestes. The new tyrannosaurid shares a common ancestor with T-rex, and while much older, also shares much of the same skull construction. Later tyrannosaurids like T-Rex had larger jaw muscles and binocular vision, a trait Lynthronax also possesses.

Lythronax lived on Laramidia, along the western shores of the great seaway that separated North America; this landmass hosted a vast array of unique dinosaur species and served as the crucible of evolution for iconic dinosaur groups such as the horned and duck billed dinosaurs.

As noted by American palaeontologist Tom Holtz of the University of Maryland, “This new discovery also supports the idea that the giant thick-toothed Asian tyrants Zhuchengtyrannus and Tarbosaurus were immigrants from North America rather than their own Asian line, because they share a common origin with Lythronax and Tyrannosaurus.”

The evolutionary path of the tyrannosaurids has been a subject of debate, but there has been a batch of new species in the past decade or so that have helped paint a fuller picture of ancient life. And I suspect there are much more discoveries just waiting to be found and written up.

And more tyrannosaurids mean more dinosaurs to be brought back to life in films to eat people!

Loewen, M., Irmis, R., Sertich, J., Currie, P., Sampson, S. 2013. Tyrant dinosaur evolution tracks the rise and fall of Late Cretaceous oceans. PLoS ONE 8, 11: e79420. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0079420

Art via Guardian
More art by Andrey Atuchin can be found on his site
via ScienceDaily

Lythronax argestes by Andrey Atuchin

Get locked up with Jurassic Block

Jurassic Block

Ever thought prison movies needed more sorority girls and dinosaurs? Sure, we all have. And Jurassic Block is the movie for you! It’s got locked up sorority girls, velociraptors, Ray Wise, and that special direct to SyFy flair that you just can’t get anywhere else. Did I mention dinosaurs, in prison? The only thing that would be cooler is if the dinosaurs were locked up for various crimes, and have mug shots.

Sean Cain directs and writes, and Jurassic Block stars Ray Wise, Vernon Wells, Kevin Gage, Dana Melanie, Kayla Carlyle, and Monique Parent.

A trio of sorority girls are tossed in the drunk tank after a wild party gone wrong. They have to team up with some nasty characters to survive the night after a pack of Velociraptors get loose when a secret convoy is diverted from their original destination to the bowels of the jail.


Dana Melanie Kayla Carlyle Sean Cain Jurassic Block

Jurassic Attack trailer!

Fangoria premiered the trailer for Jurassic Attack, one of a pair of films from Titan Global Entertainement we mentioned a while back.

While returning from a military expedition a helicopter crash lands a commando unit in a dense, remote tropical jungle – a lost world populated by dinosaurs. Now they must find a way out of this isolated valley before becoming prey for prehistoric predators.

Anthony Fankhauser directs and the flick stars Gary Stretch, Alicia Ziegler, Israel Saez De Miguel, Natascha Berg, Vernon Wells, and Corin Nemec.

Corin Nemec also revealed on twitter he’s heading off to film Poseidon Rex, the other of the two Titan monster flicks, so expect more info about that film in a short while!

Fangoria via DreadCentral
Jurassic Attack

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens wants to bring more dino action to the big screen

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a graphic novel from Liquid Comics, written by Grant Morrison, based on a story by Barry Sonnenfeld (director of Men in Black), and with art by Mukesh Singh. Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is also being pitched at a potential film (with Sonnenfeld directing), though the title similarity to Cowboys vs. Aliens may be a bit of a turnoff. Hopefully it ends up better than Monsters vs. Aliens, which was boring boring boring.

The plot involves aliens invading during the time of the dinosaurs, and luckily for Earth the dinosaurs are pretty smart and kick some alien butt!

This is not the only potential intelligent dinosaur film coming out, and we may soon have a very dinosaur new year. It will be Dino-mite! HA! I kill me…

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Image via
Dinosaurs vs Aliens

Untitled Dinosaurs Attack LA Movie

Hey, when Warner Brothers buys the concept for a film where dinosaurs attack downtown LA, you can count me in! It was originally going to be a webseries from Break Media, until WB’s Greg Silverman and Sarah Schechter saw early testshots and bought it to make into a film. John Clisham will direct and write (with Mike Bayman). We got no title, and the only plot details released so far is the dinosaurs are rapidly evolving and they attack Los Angeles. Here’s hoping!
Deadline via DreadCentral
And some random Dadasaurus Rex