Kung Fu Cyborg (Review)

Kung Fu Cyborg

aka Kei hei hup aka Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction

Directed by Jeffery Lau

Jeffery Lau declared he wanted to do Chinese Transformers, and have his robots be “the incarnation of Oriental wisdom and strength.” Okay. Lau is no stranger to science fiction, as anyone who has seen A Chinese Tall Story can testify. Kung Fu Cyborg was originally titled Robot, then the title was turned into the easier to remember Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg. Except for when it was called Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction! Or just Kung Fu Cyborg. D’Oh! So we’ll just call it Kung Fu Cyborg when we refer to it, even if we slip up later. Just ignore the slip ups. They are not the droids you are looking for.

But in any event, here are a bunch of cool posters for Kung Fu Cyborg.

This is a long movie, approaching Korean standard of length. One could easily trim 30 minutes and it would do nothing but help the film along. The length is because it seems like two movies smooshed together, an origin story and a second story. Unfortunately, that means things will be dragging. And dragging. And lots of side plots happen. And it takes forever for the freaking robots to do their robot thing. Which is sort of why I watched the movie in the first place. Before this introduction gets as long as the pre-robot fight scenes in Kung Fu Cyborg, let’s just get to the Roll Call!

Xu Dachun (Hu Jun) – Xu Dachun is a tough cop who wants to get out of his small town and be a famous big town cop. Instead, he has to babysit a robot who moves in on the girl he loves. Then he dies and gets robotted himself. Tough break.
K-1 (Alex Fong Lik-Sun) – K-1 is just your average robot cyborg disguised as a normal human sent undercover to work as a police officer while secretly using his powers in very obvious ways that should blow his cover 5 times a day. But they never do because everyone in the film is crazy. Good for the film. Alex Fong Lik-Sun was on the 2000 Olympics swimming team and is a singer. Don’t confuse him with Alex Fong Chung-Sun, who I now realize I have seen almost 2 dozen of his films.
Zhou Sumei (Betty Sun Li) – A police officer in the small town who takes a shine to K-1. But Dachun likes her already, thus leading to a love triangle. Further love triangle problems are because K-1 is not allowed to love. Basically, lots of love problems, none of which is resolved by giant robot fights. I didn’t realize I knew who Betty Sun Li was until I remembered she was in a music video with Rain that my wife has watched 1000 times on Youtube. She rescues animals and wrote a book called Take Me Home: The Stories of I and Stray Animals.
K-88 (Wu Jing) – aka Chen Long, a rogue robot who will give the few lines of philosophical mumbo-jumbo the film tries to pass off as in depth commentary on man’s place in the universe. And he fights, thus we get action!
Xiao Jiang (Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei) – A local teacher and computer expert who has a crush on Sumei. Ronald Cheng is pretty famous considering his smaller role.
Zhou Suqing (Gan Wei) – Sumei’s sister who was off in college and thus not in part of the film. Spends most of the film with her hair covering her face. This is Gan Wei’s first acting role, but she did marketing work on films like CJ7, Warlords, and Red Cliff 2. Gan Wei also rescues animals like Betty Sun Li.
Lin Xiang (Eric Tsang Chi-Wai) – Eric Tsang spends most of his scenes looking like he is a millisecond from crying, which is an odd acting choice. Okay. Lin Xiang is the dude who invents all the robots for the government and in charged with making sure they don’t go all Skynet on the general population.

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Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg robots revealed

Jeffery Lau revealed one of the robot cops in his upcoming film Metallic Attaction: Kung Fu Cyborg (formally Robot but probably better known around the net as the Chinese Transformers film) The robot revealed has been dubbed K100.

If you want to see him in action, Twitch pulled the trailer. Notice the guy who also looks a lot like Data with normal skin.

Jeffery Lau also hinted at plans for a series, whether this is a TV sereis or several movies I do not know.

A previous article with the cast listed is here

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Chinese Transformers – Robot!

Kung Fu cyborg

UPDATE: Read our review of Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction!

No, not the lame CGI cartoon Robots, this is basically a Transformers-like story done in China by the mastermind behind the Chinese Odyssey and Chinese Tall Tale films, Jeffrey Lau. If you have seen Chinese Tall Tale (a film that is begging for a go-over on this site, I even snagged a copy for that purpose) then you know how much Sci-Fi elements Jeffrey Lau is capable of. It promises to be cool, and it can’t be worse than the real Transformers. The only question is, will it be better than Transmorphers?
Story Link

Famous Hong Kong director Jeffrey Lau, known for the 1990’s hit series ‘A Chinese Odyssey,’ starring comedian Stephen Chow, is now surprising audiences with his ambitious dream of making a Chinese version of ‘Transformers’.

Hangzhou-based newspaper Metro Express reported Thursday that the director will start shooting his latest science-fiction movie, ‘Robot’, on the mainland this month.

Lau brewed the idea to make a science-fiction movie ten years ago, and his dream is finally coming true. It is no news to audiences that Lau likes to integrate sci-fi scenes into his movies. In his most recent work, ‘A Chinese Tall Story’, he used a self-designed spaceship for added effect.

In April this year, Lau partnered with Le TV.com to establish a film company, for which ‘Robot’ will be the first creation. Zhuo Shunguo from Le TV.com, the investor, said the movie will present a refreshing look at Chinese robots for people who are used to stereotypical Hollywood figures like Spiderman and Superman. He said the Chinese robot, in comparison, would feel closer and more human to audiences, as it is the incarnation of Oriental wisdom and strength.

The film will start shooting on November 19 in Zoumatang, an ancient village in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. Later, the production team will move to Shanghai’s landmark structures, including the Oriental Pearl tower and the World Financial Center, to conclude the shooting.

The cast of ‘Robot’ has not yet been formally announced.