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UPDATE: Read our review of Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction!

No, not the lame CGI cartoon Robots, this is basically a Transformers-like story done in China by the mastermind behind the Chinese Odyssey and Chinese Tall Tale films, Jeffrey Lau. If you have seen Chinese Tall Tale (a film that is begging for a go-over on this site, I even snagged a copy for that purpose) then you know how much Sci-Fi elements Jeffrey Lau is capable of. It promises to be cool, and it can’t be worse than the real Transformers. The only question is, will it be better than Transmorphers?
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Famous Hong Kong director Jeffrey Lau, known for the 1990’s hit series ‘A Chinese Odyssey,’ starring comedian Stephen Chow, is now surprising audiences with his ambitious dream of making a Chinese version of ‘Transformers’.

Hangzhou-based newspaper Metro Express reported Thursday that the director will start shooting his latest science-fiction movie, ‘Robot’, on the mainland this month.

Lau brewed the idea to make a science-fiction movie ten years ago, and his dream is finally coming true. It is no news to audiences that Lau likes to integrate sci-fi scenes into his movies. In his most recent work, ‘A Chinese Tall Story’, he used a self-designed spaceship for added effect.

In April this year, Lau partnered with Le to establish a film company, for which ‘Robot’ will be the first creation. Zhuo Shunguo from Le, the investor, said the movie will present a refreshing look at Chinese robots for people who are used to stereotypical Hollywood figures like Spiderman and Superman. He said the Chinese robot, in comparison, would feel closer and more human to audiences, as it is the incarnation of Oriental wisdom and strength.

The film will start shooting on November 19 in Zoumatang, an ancient village in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. Later, the production team will move to Shanghai’s landmark structures, including the Oriental Pearl tower and the World Financial Center, to conclude the shooting.

The cast of ‘Robot’ has not yet been formally announced.

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