American Hustle

American Hustle

American Hustle
Written by Eric Singer and David O. Russell
Directed by David O. Russell

American Hustle
A swindling couple are forced by the FBI to assist in going after bigger game, but the operation to take down corrupt government officials spirals out of control as it becomes a mystery on who is conning who. American Hustle is filled with great performances that are among the most realistic and complicated characters of the year. It’s a shame they’re trapped in the plot of an hour long USA Channel original program! Heck, the characters even use the word “leverage” multiple times, and Leverage is among my favorite of those shows (it also features criminals who swindle criminals, though it aired on TNT!) Sure, sure, the film’s all loosely based on ABSCAM, but the real reason to watch American Hustle are the performances, not the crime story.
American Hustle
Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) is a street kid who learned at a young age that everyone was out to take everyone, and set out to get his own, even if it meant doing things outside the book. He graduated from smashing windows to drum up his dad’s glass business to loan scams, offering money to desperate people and pocketing the deposit as he disappears. Even his appearance is a huge cong, with one of the most complicated comb-overs in history. He falls in love with Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), a woman of the world who is one of the few that has the same cultured interests (such as jazz). She takes to his scams and soon the pair are running through the clients. Despite being careful, they don’t stay entirely off the radar, and are soon set up by FBI Agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper). DiMaso is trying to make a name of himself at the FBI, much to the chagrin of his supervisor Stoddard Thorsen (Louis C.K.), who advocates a more cautious and nonflamboyant approach to bringing down criminals. In exchange for leniency, Rosenfeld and Prosser must now help DiMaso go after bigger game, corrupt politicians and businessmen.

Jeremy Renner is literally unrecognizable as Mayor Carmine Polito, he’s as Jersey as you can be without having dated someone from Jersey Shore. Polito is a heartfelt good guy who is trying his darnedest to revitalize New Jersey and bring in casinos for jobs and money. Unfortunately he does so via methods that are extralegal at best, which makes him a target of DiMaso.
American Hustle
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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Screenplay by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan
Story by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer
Directed by Christopher Nolan

Halle Berry slashed my tires last night!

Our The Dark Knight Rises review will be in a slightly different format, list form! And not the “Top 6 Bane Pick up Lines that Will Explode and Blow Your Mind” type of lists, just a list of thoughts in semi-sequential format as we go through the film. Thus, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS below the fold!

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor the Dark Knight…
  • Arriving early to get an aisle seat.
  • This theater has Oogieloves posters all over it!
  • I will be upset if there isn’t a bare minimum of 5 rises in TDKR!
  • Why are two very fat guys in nerd shirts complaining about the nerds in the theater? And now I am complaining about them on the internet!
Too cool for earmuffs
  • The new Superman trailer documents his time on Deadliest Catch (and how much better Joe Manganiello would have been in the role!)
  • I also drank less tea before the film so I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom that much (Did I succeed? See below!)
  • And now the opening sequence that was released on the internet months ago!
  • Remember: Spoilers below the fold!
The Last Days of the XFL…

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Movie News Droppings

The Spiderman reboot, which looks like they are going to go all Twilight with (sigh…), will also be in in 3-D. So expect sparkly Spiderman shooting webbing directly at the camera while obsessed pale Mary Jane spends large portions of the film sitting in a chair, depressed. Then Werewolf Goblin takes off his shirt.

The remake of Escape From New York is moving forward, as now we got dirty bombs, a non-trashed New York that is still a prison, and Snake rescuing a female senator instead of the President, probably so he can bang her. It will still be terrible.

The Superman reboot will be “Godfathered” by Chris Nolan, of Dark Knight fame. Basically, they will give him a bunch of cash to tell them if their ideas are dumb so they can try to make a billion dollars again, But they probably won’t listen and they’ll make another bomb. Meanwhile, the important news is that Nolan has an idea for the third Batman film, and he and his brother are writing the script.

In non-reboot news, Roland Emmerich is still making Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, and now it will be 3D Motion Capture, because he can demand more money from YOU! I am officially over 3D, and even the promise of a 3D Mule won’t get me back into it. This news is so bad I wish I had more reboot news…

Foywonder has discovered that Asylum is making Titanic 2. Yes.

Black Dynamite was awesome, and can now be yours!

Terminator Salvation New Trailer

Yahoo has a the new trailer for Terminator Salvation. You get a better look at the motorcycle terminators, and there is a gigantic terminator at the end who is right out of Transformers. Maybe Optimus Prime will show up and save the day. There are still conflicting reports on if my governor or Linda Hamilton will make cameos. I haven’t been too keen on this movie, but it looks like it won’t be boring so maybe it will be worth checking out. I know I won’t get as much giant robot action as I want.