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The Spiderman reboot, which looks like they are going to go all Twilight with (sigh…), will also be in in 3-D. So expect sparkly Spiderman shooting webbing directly at the camera while obsessed pale Mary Jane spends large portions of the film sitting in a chair, depressed. Then Werewolf Goblin takes off his shirt.

The remake of Escape From New York is moving forward, as now we got dirty bombs, a non-trashed New York that is still a prison, and Snake rescuing a female senator instead of the President, probably so he can bang her. It will still be terrible.

The Superman reboot will be “Godfathered” by Chris Nolan, of Dark Knight fame. Basically, they will give him a bunch of cash to tell them if their ideas are dumb so they can try to make a billion dollars again, But they probably won’t listen and they’ll make another bomb. Meanwhile, the important news is that Nolan has an idea for the third Batman film, and he and his brother are writing the script.

In non-reboot news, Roland Emmerich is still making Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, and now it will be 3D Motion Capture, because he can demand more money from YOU! I am officially over 3D, and even the promise of a 3D Mule won’t get me back into it. This news is so bad I wish I had more reboot news…

Foywonder has discovered that Asylum is making Titanic 2. Yes.

Black Dynamite was awesome, and can now be yours!

3 Dev Adam aka Turkish Spiderman

3 Dev Adam

aka 3 Mighty Men aka Turkish Spiderman
3 Dev Adam
Aytekin Akkaya as Captain America
Yavuz Selekman as El Santo

From deep in the bowels of Turkey comes this instant winner of insanity! The Turkish film industry has an obsession with making low budget rip offs of American films, and in this case, they’ve pilfered Spiderman, and threw in Captain America, and even El Santo! Direct from bootleg tape to your computer. Subtitles? Who needs them! It’s not like this movie was long on plot anyway. Knowing what was going on would probably make it unwatchable.

3 Dev Adam
3 Dev Adam
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