Killing Mommy goths it up on Lifetime!

Killing Mommy Lifetime

Let’s hurry up and kill mommy because I got to get to Hot Topic and buy more Jack Skellington gear!

Killing Mommy means we’re going to have a whole theme of Lifetime Killing _____ movies (as we’ve already had Killing Daddy!), so get ready for Killing Baby, Killing Granny, and Killing Curt Schilling! This film gives us twin sisters both played by Yvonne Zima, which gives her plenty of time to chew the scenery and make this a ridiculous Lifetime flick to remember, so let’s hope it lives up to the promise! She’s already managed to be Lifetime deranged in The Girl He Met Online, so it will be double the fun! Don’t worry, one of the twins will be the gothiest goth who ever gothed, just in case you need help telling them apart.

When their mother announces her plans to remarry and sell the family estate, twin sisters Juliana and Deb have different reactions to the news. Juliana feels her mother will continue to support her, while Deb begins to threaten her mother’s happiness to the point of threatening her life.

Killing Mommy stars Yvonne Zima, Claire Rankin, Garrett Hnatiuk, Rob Stewart, Vanessa Zima, Emily Galley, and Ellora Patnaik. It’s directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy) and Anthony Lefresne (Guilty at 17 ), and written by Trent Haaga (Killing Daddy). I hope the two directors thing doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the film.

Killing Mommy premieres Saturday, June 11 on Lifetime!

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Here is a longer trailer from YouTube that seems to give away most of the twists, so watch if you dare!

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