Manimal lives again…again!

Manimal Dr. Jonathan Chase

A future where apes have evolved from Manimals???

[adrotate banner=”1″] Looks like that long-rumored Manimal movie has become a reality thanks to Will Ferrell and Adam McKay adopting it as their own! As a long-time Manimal fan (I have vivid memories of watching it as a small child and then being saddened when it vanished forever), I look forward to this news with great joy in my heart. You might say I am an Manimaniac!

If you need some quick Manimal facts, read on: Professor Jonathan Chase has learned the secret technique of transforming into any animal he wants, and uses this power to fight crime. He most often transforms from man to a hawk or a panther (as those were the two makeup effects they did full transformation work with), but would often become other animals. I remember one episode he became a bull just so he could knock a door open. Manimal lasted 8 whole episodes and then vanished into the night, never to be seen again except via jokes on MST3K. Oh, and also the episode of Night Man that Manimal guest starred on. Which was awesome! Because: Manimal!

Another fact about Night Man – the show had a tie-in Marvel comic, which resulted in Night Man wandering around in the Marvel Universe. Which since he met Manimal means Manimal is part of the Marvel Universe! Maybe Manimal can join the Avengers! Even more awesome, Manimal and Automan take place in the same universe, because Manimal and Automan each had an identical scene take place in one of their episodes, and both were Glen A. Larson productions! Could Night Man and Automan show up in Manimal? What about other Glen A. Larson productions, like Knight Rider or B. J. and the Bear? Manimal could even become the Bear (who is a chimp!)

Needless to say, there is a whole world of potential here, and it will be hilarious, so I give this the Manimaniac Seal of Approval, which means I turn into an actual seal.

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