Manimal transforming into a feature film!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Manimal is a show I actually watched as a kid and loved a lot, even though it was terrible and cancelled quickly. In fact, it was one of my first lessons in shows getting canceled. But you can’t keep a good manimal down, and Manimal is back, Jack! In movie form!

Sony is looking to make this a live action/CG hybrid film. Aside from series creator Glen A. Larson getting a producer credit, nothing else is known about the project and no writers or director are attached.

A little known fact about Manimal, only 8 episodes (including the tv movie pilot) were aired, but Dr. Jonathan Chase/Manimal returned for an episode of Night Man. Further proof that Manimal can’t die. I remember Manimal transforming into a panther and a hawk, and a cow once. According to wikipedia he was a dolphin once. I’m sure that means there is fanfic turning him into Darwin from SeaQuest DSV. And speaking of SeaQuest DSV, where is our SeaQuest DSV movie? I demand answers!!!

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