Dude, Where’s My Dog?! – more invisible canine fun!

[adrotate banner=”1″]If you were totally stoked for the invisible talking dog feature Abner the Invisible Dog, and can’t quench your thirst for invisible dog movies, then you are a lucky ducky! Dude, Where’s My Dog?! is the perfect film for you, featuring a dog who is invisible and a title that is obviously based on a popular stoner comedy that make me sound like a moron for pointing out.

A young tween named Ray is left at home to watch the family dog, Harry, to prove to his parents that he is not, as they say, “irresponsible.” But, before he knows it, curious Harry runs out the front door and into Krepner’s house- Ray’s kooky, suspicious neighbor. While in the house, he is accidentally doused with a stolen top-secret invisibility formula and then runs wild throughout their small town unseen causing a ruckus. Krepner is ordered to catch Harry to retrieve what’s left of the formula in his DNA. Ray and his friends now must find the pooch not only before the villains, scientists and FBI Agents get to him first, but before Ray’s parents get home!

Writer/director Stephen Langford has had an interesting career, writing episodes of the Ewoks cartoon, Family Matters, Small Wonder, the Amanda Bynes tv movie Love Wrecked, and even some episodes of Tiny Toons Adventures. His next film Big Baby features the same basic plot, but instead of an invisible dog, it’s a baby that’s been turned into a 30 year old guy. Just like every other 30 year old guy…ZING!

Shoutout to the film for having two black FBI guys as partners instead of going with the obvious white and black guy combo. Also shoutout for figuring out the best way to get a dog to act would be to not have the dog on camera for the bulk of the film!

The best part of the trailer is there is an actual Dude, Where’s My Dog? song that exists and I now need to locate. Dude Where’s My Dog?! is now available on VOD, so your only excuse is not having enough time in your busy life to watch an invisible dog film. But are you really that busy? I think not!

Dude Where's My Dog?

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